Monday, September 14, 2015

way always

think you all know my lack of professionalism.....always way behind.... we go
I did a few testknits and released two lovely patterns the last weeks

first the testknits...

I did a testknit for Sylvie (poloetcie at ravelry)...a wonderful...fantastic.... super colourful...gorgeous...and huge shawl!

mine is a tidy bit smaller than the pattern called for....
I followed the pattern until I had 345 sts (in section 4), then skipped the following rows and continued with instructions written for 377 sts (therefore only 20 repeats per half instead of 22 repeats) other mods
I used a lot of leftovers and single skeins....for the main colour (the grey) I used lithuanian wool I purchased ages ago ...rustic, but extremely lovey ;))

the next test was for Heleen, one of my all-time-favorite-speedy-testknitters
she designed a top that matches my Dexter cardigan 
I did mine a bit different:
due to this strange yarn I used (Moina by LANG YARNS), that was stretchy like hell and did what it wants to gauge was off
I started with instructions for size XS until I reached the underarms, then I increased some stitches in the first round after Broken Seed Stitch to achieve a casual fit around the bust. On the way down to the bottom ribbing I added 4 increase rounds (no waistshaping for me....hahaha). that's it...and here it is (I love it)

...makes me feel like I need a matching grey Dexter in the near future...

now to the business (hahaha)
I published Edie and Reagan  ( all know this....hahaha, but I never mentioned it here on the blog...)

I am still in love with both of them...maybe you'd like to knit one of your own and join our 'Take your pick KAL' ?

for all of you longing for news about Max (he was in hospital - myocarditis - some weeks ago)...he's doing better every day (yay!!!!), his last blood levels and ECG were fine!
altough I never, ever want to be in this situation again, it helped me to focus on the important things in life...there's nothing more important than our lovelies

isa m.