Friday, July 10, 2015

Dexter left the house's 'only' 4 weeks that I last wrote here...yay!!!
maybe I can keep going on this way...1 post a month should be doable.... ;)

the pattern is published and I am happy to hear (and see...hahaha)  that some of you already started their very own Dexter 
it is a versatile, cute cardigan that can be worn with jeans, or your favorite summer dress

 for the red sample I worked with Arcadia a lovely alpaca base that comes in some really, really beautiful colours 

there are so many other things going on at the same time right now (seams that this is usual behaviour for my life for quiet a while now)
running 5 testknits at a time (2 public - go and have a look through the test threads in the group ...and 3 secret ones)...I should quit my dayjob....

today another long kept secret was published

Arcade  was a perfect collaboration between and me...

Linda does such a glorious dyejob... (I am only a knitter...not a dyer...and I am impressed by those lovely colours one can do)

it's not usual that all is going smooth within such collaborations, but this one was pure pleasure for me...I just had to create a new sweater...everything else ( and I bet there was a lot of work behind) was done by Linda...
go and check out her beautiful yarns here...
you won't regret it , I swear ;)

some more designs with her lovely Islington Dk base will show the next days, stay tuned and check out The Boardwalk Collection

love ya' all




  1. wunderschön - der Dexter!
    Ich hoffe nur für mich, dass es auch bald eine deutsche Anleitung dazu gibt. ;-)

    LG Eva

  2. Saw Dexter on last blog and kept my eye out for it I have started my own Dexter - taking some time but enjoying at present. Thank you for a wonderful new pattern and easy to follow instructions.
    Kate B

  3. Such a pleasure to work with you Isabell! Thank you for the lovely design.

    Hoping we'll get a chance to do more in future. ;-*

  4. I Like this cardigan and i love the colour...