Wednesday, June 10, 2015

it's been a while.....but you all know me ....I am still knitting (hahaha)

I won't try to talk about all the crazy things that happened since my last blog post....this post would be HUUUUUUUGE, and as always time is a rare thingy at the moment

I am doing testknits at the moment...YAY!...testknitting was so rare for me the last months, and I seriously missed it
so.... the first testknit after a long time was this beautiful cardigan (finished this a while ago, but it's worth to be mentioned...!)

pattern. Naima by Ankestrick (aka Fallmasche)
yarn. finkhof-merinowolle-dünn a rustic, 'sheepy', low processed wool made in germany
loooved working with it (I used this yarn before for my wanderling and for my own version of phillipa

a few days ago I finished a sweater testknit for Justyna....think I have to wait until I am allowed to show it...just a few words about's gorgeous, it's lacy, it's casual, it's blue (hahaha...only mine is blue), and it's soooooo utterly cool - just love it

I used 2 yarns held together and I swear I will use these yarns together again
they gave me such a cool and drapey fabric! 
ok....I used 1 strand Isager Bomulin, held together with Blackhill Pacalina (a thin linen/alpaca blend ...just gorgeous)

oh...just another thing before I have to leave for work.....Dexter will be ready for release very, very all of you waiting for Dexter, make sure you keep an eye out for a bloody red (cute) cardigan♥

or for a light pink one???????

 hope you all have good days

isa m.