Friday, January 17, 2014

monte rosa....a collaboration with De Rerum Natura

this was a lot of work...
and it was sooooo worth it ;)

let me introduce monte rosa to you

this cardigan was created in collaboration with De Rerum Natura
(Solenn was adventurous enough to believe in me....)

more on the classic side with its cables and lace pattern, this cardigan features a modern and funny contrast coloured trim that will give you room to play with your favorite colour combinations.

the multinational testing-KAL was again so fun and pleasurable
and i want to thank my lovely testing ladies:
you all are incredible! this wouldn't have worked without you!!!

a few words about this wonderful yarn.
gilliatt is a pure woolen yarn of french merino, produced in an ecological way - i highly recommend it - it is a pleasure in every way... to knit and to wear
go and get yourself some skeins here

also exclusively available in the shop:
the french version of the pattern

hope this little baby will make its way across the globe
it's always incredible and amazingly cool to see my ideas
beloved all over the world...

hugs and kisses
isa m.


  1. Oh my, that is very pretty. It is still summer here, but I will have to start one of those for autumn!

  2. Many thanks Isabell!! It was a great test and fantastic multinational KAL!!!
    I love my monte rosa set and wear it all the time

  3. So beutiful! And the colors! When I get finished my first cardigan Paulie, I really need to have this also!

  4. Phantastic! Since I saw your prototype of it I knew I have to make one and have been waiting since! I sure will cast on very soon. It is such a beautiful cardigan.

    Claudia xx

  5. It's really nice !
    I've just discovered your blog coming from De Rerum Natura and I love what you do !!!
    I'll come back often and soon :-)

  6. That is quite a beautiful cardigan!

  7. I love the green and grey - How and where can I find the pattern - I'm in the USA. Is it in a book? I'm a member of Ravelry but the purchase is in Euros. ?? :)

    1. Hi Dena,
      it doesn't matter wihch currency the pattern is, your paypal account will
      do the currency translation. You just add the pattern to your cart, then check out per paypal and you'll immediately receive a link to download
      the pattern (and the pattern will also be stored in your library)

  8. it is great. I just bought it on ravelry.... but do you maybe have a german Version???? :-) hopefully ...michaela

    1. Hallo MIchaela,
      leider gibt es hiervon keine Übersetzung, wir sind zwar gerade dabei
      die ein oder andere Anleitung ins deutsche zu übersetzen, das wird aber auf jeden Fall dauern.

  9. I like cardigans like this :)
    so beautiful :)