Monday, November 4, 2013

Kinu love

a new sweater went off my needles a few weeks ago


i bought this yarn at the raveler meeting in cologne this year..
i simply couldn't resist, when i saw all those beautiful little cones....
there was no special plan for this, so i went with blue and sand
(i know, i know,....not a brave color choice!)

spent some time with swatching...(Rililie! you can take my word for it, sometimes i do it!!!)
different needles, different needle sizes, single stranded,
and then this sweater came to my mind
simple shaping (subtle waist shaping), a wide rounded neckline,
simple (rather raw) edgings and... some stripes (how extra- ordinary!!!!...hahaha!)

i so loooove my new sweater!
...i did a second in woolen yarn, to see how the pattern works
with a less drapey yarn, and what can i say, it turned out great

love this one too ....;)

the only change was to add length to the sleeves
aaaand the stripe sequence is a little different,
other than that - the same sweater (how cool is that?)

the pattern will be ready to test the next days

...a few places in the test knitting group are available...
any volunteers out there in size L or XXL???

hope you all have good days,

isa m.


  1. Hello! I am a Japanese knitter who is big fan of your patterns.Also I'm so in love with this sweater! The name of "Kinu love" is named because the yarn contains silk,right?("Kinu" means silk in Japanese) If I have a chance to test it I really love to.

  2. If you need more testknitters, please pick me. Can't resist your patterns!

    Love, Rebecca

  3. Wow! Love times a bazillion!!! I'd love to be a tester if you need one more, but will eagerly await it to be published.

  4. I'd love to test knit for you, Isa! I'm a big fan of your patterns! I'm k8sx on ravelry.

  5. Dear Isabell,

    der Pulli sieht so toll aus. So selbstverständlich. So natürlich. So bequem. So schlicht, so stimmig.
    Dieser Teststrick würde mich wirklich reizen.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Anupa Gabriele oder anupa auf ravelry

  6. Wonderful design, once again! I'd love to test this, in a size S :)

    1. I am striktyni on Ravelry, I forgot to say

  7. I think I might be a little late.... but in case you still accepting test knitters.... I would love to!! I'm actually quite intrigued trying that shoulder!
    KayB (on Ravelry)

  8. Love it! Can't wait for the pattern. Your work always strikes me as natural, but with a modern edge to it. A perfect combination.

  9. love the sweater! and I would love to rest the pattern!
    Eva (kathrine on ravelry)

  10. I adore this. absolutely. I suppose I am too late to be a testknitter, *sigh*! (ankelilli on ravelry)

  11. Oh yes, I'm interested in testing your new pattern! I'm finishing a Grande Favorito with a mohair + silk yarn, it is so fluffy and comfy, perfect for the wet season coming... Anyway, I'm a huge fan and I hope you're still looking for test knitters!
    (julcouture on ravelry)

  12. I love it...
    I'd love to test this pullover (wool version !), if needed!

  13. If it is not too late, I would love to be a test knitter. I love your style and patterns and this one in wool would be great addition to me winter wardrobe!

  14. I would love to test knit- this sweater is gorgeous! Please let me know if this opportunity is still available. My ravelry ID is lisagreenb.
    Thank you!

  15. I would be interested in testing, depending on the yarn weight and gauge I may already have some yarn in my stash that would work for this too!

  16. I would also love to testknit your pattern, so maybe there's a little chance for me too (the wool version looks great for the winter to come). Anyway, I love your work!

  17. I would love to test this pattern! Love all your designs:) My ravelry id is Pantapus

  18. guten abend,
    was muss ich tun, um in den genuss des teststrickens zu gelangen?

  19. Love the sweater and should like to test it !!

  20. Einfach wunderbar, würde ich gerne stricken. LG heidierdbeer

  21. Another beautiful, wearable sweater! I sure wish i had access to your closet. The next best thing would be to test knit this for you. I think i'd like it in wool.
    Looneylisa on Ravelry.

  22. i would love to test it, i've size 44 or xl...

    1. would be cool to have you in the group...would you please send me your email add via ravelry PM?

  23. This is fantastic! I love how they both turned out... Thinking this would be a fun project to knit!!!


  24. me, me, me...I have nothing on my needles right now and I'd love to test this for you!!

  25. Klasse Pulli! Ich liebe solche schlichten Sachen. Und Ringel.
    LG Diana

  26. What a great pullover! I love it! And I'd be very grateful for testing it)) On Ravelry I am under nickname Nadinkova.
    Thanks in advance!
    With best regards,

  27. Really love this jumper, reminds me of my dream sweater that I always think I can design yet always turns out a little wrong, this however is perfect! I'd love to be able to test knit this, either size but L if its available. I'm "catofdrurylane" on ravelry.

  28. I could do a L, too! I LOVE all of your designs and am finishing my Poolside as we speak. I am somedaygirl on Ravelry :-)

  29. Beautiful! I'm looking forward to the pattern, I've even got Kinu in my stash.

  30. I would love to test it. I've size 46 or XXL

  31. Please where can I find the pattern?