Saturday, November 16, 2013

Antler testknit

had the pleasure to do a testknit for Anke (aka fallmasche)
...aaaand had the pleasure to use TML again (love this yarn!!!!)

worked from the top down using contiguous set in sleeves method
developed by SusieM, this sweater has a stunning, beautiful the garter st parts and the slightly rounded hem

had to alternate skeins from the very beginning, cause my skeins were so different (one was heavily darker than the other)
but i think it turned out nice, even with this differences in color

pattern. antler by ankestrick 
yarn. madelinetosh merino light col. gossamer and nutmeg
purchased here 

now i will need to take my sofa (...had a long day at work...)

happy creating out there and have a great sunday


isa m.

Friday, November 15, 2013

italian and french version of muse n.

italian and french translations of muse n. 
are now available!

THANK YOU Carla and Sandrine

Monday, November 4, 2013

Kinu love

a new sweater went off my needles a few weeks ago


i bought this yarn at the raveler meeting in cologne this year..
i simply couldn't resist, when i saw all those beautiful little cones....
there was no special plan for this, so i went with blue and sand
(i know, i know,....not a brave color choice!)

spent some time with swatching...(Rililie! you can take my word for it, sometimes i do it!!!)
different needles, different needle sizes, single stranded,
and then this sweater came to my mind
simple shaping (subtle waist shaping), a wide rounded neckline,
simple (rather raw) edgings and... some stripes (how extra- ordinary!!!!...hahaha!)

i so loooove my new sweater!
...i did a second in woolen yarn, to see how the pattern works
with a less drapey yarn, and what can i say, it turned out great

love this one too ....;)

the only change was to add length to the sleeves
aaaand the stripe sequence is a little different,
other than that - the same sweater (how cool is that?)

the pattern will be ready to test the next days

...a few places in the test knitting group are available...
any volunteers out there in size L or XXL???

hope you all have good days,

isa m.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

a new hat!!!!

had again the pleasure to testknit for Rililie 
we had so much fun while testing this little hat... ;)
in case you're in need of some fun today, check out our
conversation in the testing thread 
the key word is: swatch (hahaha!)

was the first time with this yarn (masgot fine) 
and what can i say.... immediately ordered some more for
a fair isle sweater i have in mind for a while....
i love the feel of this rustic, low processed, sheepy yarn
and i love Sylvies dyework (she will dye up some yarn for me
today...YAY!!! exciting!)

now to the pattern
a well thought and clearly written pattern, that leads you
through the pathlessness of basket weave worked in rounds

though i need to confess, that i am no basket weave knitter
(i know this by now!!!)...not that i do not love the look and
the behavior of this stitch...i need stitch patterns with
at least 1 or 2 rows of mindless knitting in the repeat...
i am a lazy knitter, you know  ;)

G. is hiking with the guys today, so i will have the day off ;)
....the plan is to work on my new cardigan
contrast coloured trim
classic (but cool...i think)

have a great day out there

isa m.