Friday, August 30, 2013

latest testknits part 2 again...
in july I had the pleasure to do my first testknit for miyayo 
a wonderful shawl, crescent-shaped with some lace, ribbings and
beautiful ruffles
you'll never get bored with this

the yarn is handdyed (by myself...ha!)
i only dyed 3 skeins (approx. 600 meters), what should have 
been enough yarn to complete this shawl - but i ran out of 
yarn right before the BO, so I bound off with another yarn
in a lighter green

pattern. lin-lin-shawl by Yoko Johnston
yarn. wollknoll-strickgarn-8/3 undyed (dyed with ashford dyes)

simultanuously i did a testknit for justyna (lete) 

when i first saw her new cardi design i fell in love:
beautiful lace, casusal shaping, top-down construction contains everything i love....

my first yarn choice was a big mistake....
i had some drops-alpaca in my stash for a while and thought
this might match the gauge, did, but it was way too fuzzy
in the end
the stitch pattern wasn't that easy for me (don't know why, but 
sometimes such patterns crack my head....)
...when i decided to use another yarn, i had done over one half 
of the cardi!!!! so i had a real huge testing swatch (hahaha!)

the second attempt, with handdyed fingering, went smooth
and unbelievably easy ;)

pattern. casual-lace by Justyna Lorkowska
yarn. wollknoll-kammgarn-20/6, handdyed with ashford dyes

....more tomorrow (i really hope so :)

isa m.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

latest testknits part 1

.....there is definitely too much going on in my life
to post more regularly....sorry 
yesterday i was looking through my rav notebook and saw
that there are many, many testknits i didn't mention here..
today i have a little free time (though i have my needles
waiting for me) and thought it would be nice to post about them

funky grandpa is one of the coolest cardigans i own...
i love everything about it
the ease
the shape
the stripes (for sure!...hahaha!)
and the overall design

think Rililie has such a great style and this shows
in her amazing designs (currently on my needles: her new jumper design ;)

pattern. funky-grandpa by LaMaisonRililie
yarns. trekking-sport-xxl shown in charcoal grey (sleeves)
trekking-tweed shown in light grey (body)
mille-colori-baby shown in grey-brown-yellow (stripes)

...oh and did you know that ravello is life?

we had an amazing time while testing this pattern
was a pure pleasure to work with all my awesome testknitters!
THANK YOU again ladies!!!!!!!

isa m.