Friday, July 5, 2013

a sneak peek, some daisies and a new pattern

proudly presenting:
marsa alam
this cute and classic cardigan is so versatile.....
you can do it with stripes
or without
with some intarsia
or even fair isle pattern
with short sleeves
or 3/4 sleeves
or, for sure, with long sleeves
there are sooooo many possibilities in this pattern...

get the pattern here (ravelry)

i am so grateful for my incredible testknitting ladies
without their help i would have been lost, that's for sure!
please take a look at those wonderful cardigans they made during
the test

currently working on a modified version of this

this time with random stripes (i am using 6 colors!!!)
a v-neck and long sleeves
it will take me another week or two to finish
but i'm sure you will love it ;)

...aaaand another beauty went off my needles the last month:

let's talk about some daisies....
i really enjoyed knitting the daisy stitch pattern 
and loooove how this turned out 

i dyed the yarn especially for this project when hanna 
asked me to test this cute little cardi

as the yarn i dyed was a little thinner than the recommended
my gauge was off - i did size 34 instead of 32 as usual
and this worked absolutely fine
the length i did is inbetween the cropped and long version
given in the pattern, also i failed with the pattern on the 
sleeves.....i interchanged the instructions for left and right
so my pattern goes the other way round, but i don't mind that,
i think it looks lovely as it is!

pattern. spring is pink 
yarn. merino 150 by LANG YARNS

....and now to the promised sneak peek
ha!...i made a new sweater!!!
nothing fancy - simple lines, a little bit oversized
aaaand with stripes (the love affair continues....)
pure stockinette stitch pleasure!!

easy raglan contruction with a flattering boat neck
and some really cute red stripes

i used some Holst supersoft 100% uld for this
and the result is sooo light and incredibly soft after washing
-i will definitely use this again

hope you all have good days

isa m.


  1. Love your new designs and wish I'd have more time to knit all these beauties.

  2. Oh I really love this new sweater!! Gorgeous shape! Will you make a pattern?

  3. The new sweater looks great - simple but fantastic - whenever you are in need of a testknitter I would be happy to help ;-) !

  4. I'd love to test knit for you again, let me know if you are accepting test knitters for your new sweater!

  5. Your new sweater is wonderful! If you need a test knitter, I would love to help.

  6. Love the new sweater.
    Seems I'm all about the stripes as well.
    So smart!

  7. the oversized sweater - is there alraedy a pattern available?
    Love and Bye

  8. Oh I just discovered the last one... beautiful pattern ! is it one of yours ?

    1. Yes it is - the pattern is ready to test - are you interested?

  9. Hi ISA,
    I am also interested at the Pattern of the oversize Sweater.