Tuesday, May 7, 2013

new pattern

finally published the pattern for
sunny side [up!]

we had a testing round last autumn and it happend (as always...)
that i couldn't get rid of all the other things going on
...and just forgot about it (aaahh, was not completely forgotten, but i had too many other things in mind)

hmmmmm....what can I say...seams that i am not a good business

but now it's up and i really hope that some of you like it
as much as i do - it's such a cute and versatile knit
the lace panel makes it fun to knit and though it's knitted
with fingering yarn, it runs off the needles

i made a 2/3 sleeve version which i wear a lot
(think this might be a question of colour...hahaha)
i absolutely adore bright colours and sometimes i use
these colours, but i tend to wear my non-coloured knits 
more often

so take your needles and off we go!

have a happy knitting time

isa m.


  1. Really beautiful! Amazing! Will do this (as soon as I have done all the other amazing stuff in my queue... :)

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  3. i have been looking forward to this one!
    the pattern is bought
    i am heading for the yarnshop on monday : )