Tuesday, May 21, 2013

chalkstone pattern

it took me almost 1 year to get this pattern ready to publish!
but now it's done and i really hope that you all like it
as much as i do ;)

....aaaand because some of you waited so long,
the pattern will be only €3.50 till the end of may

get you copy here

now to a few other projects...

emerald test is done and my lovely testknitting ladies
did amazing jobs
the pattern will be published in 2 weeks (june)

working on a more wintry (2 color) version right now - hopefully i will be done with it soon

i also did some testknits lately:

this beautiful tee is called Tschilp and will be part of
Anke's birdsong sweaters

seamless top down construction with a beautiful neckline

pattern. tschilp by ankestrick (soon to be published)
yarn. sur by lanas stop
needles. 3.5 mm

the only modification i made was to shorten the sleeves


this one is called v-line designed by svetlana

she asked me 3 weeks ago to test this beauty, but with all
the things going on here i feared not to be able to make it in
time....i told her so and guess what she did?
she sent me the pattern anyway, just in case i would
feel like knitting it

ha!...i tried to ignore the pattern
about 2 weeks i really tried to ignore it
...then i picked up my needles (hahahaha!)

when i first looked at the pattern i could see the stripes
...yes, i could see them!

so there are lots of mods in here:

. no eyelets - i did m1l and m1r increases
. only 2 sts between the increase lines
. started with the numbers of the largest size to get a 
  wider v-neck
. increased to the numbers of xs for shoulder width
. icreased to numbers of size s, cause i was working 
  at a tighter gauge
. added a few more sts to the underarm co, for a little more 
  room at the upper arms
. added more rounds to the bottom due to my gauge


this one is currently in testing
i named this marsa-alam 
cause its colors remind me of this place between the sahara desert and the red sea where we spent our holidays the last years

i planned to publish this in july, so please stay tuned ;)


and this will be a gift for you (yes! a freebie!!!)
as soon as i have found 1 or 2 speedy testers for it ;)
so come on ladies!!!!

a simple, yet effective striped shawl to keep you happy

hope you all have good days

isa m.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

new pattern

finally published the pattern for
sunny side [up!]

we had a testing round last autumn and it happend (as always...)
that i couldn't get rid of all the other things going on
...and just forgot about it (aaahh, was not completely forgotten, but i had too many other things in mind)

hmmmmm....what can I say...seams that i am not a good business

but now it's up and i really hope that some of you like it
as much as i do - it's such a cute and versatile knit
the lace panel makes it fun to knit and though it's knitted
with fingering yarn, it runs off the needles

i made a 2/3 sleeve version which i wear a lot
(think this might be a question of colour...hahaha)
i absolutely adore bright colours and sometimes i use
these colours, but i tend to wear my non-coloured knits 
more often

so take your needles and off we go!

have a happy knitting time

isa m.