Thursday, April 25, 2013

way behind

seams that i am always way behind with posting....
so what to do???
today i have some unexpected free time - 
so here we go:

we moved to the new (really, really small) flat
our house is going to be completly boned
one of our cats is missing for 2 days now....
i hope he's coming back...i really hope he's coming back!!!!
my second owlsister is in town for the next month
(she works in austria)
my son will celebrate his 18th (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
birthday in june - lots of preparations
and i am feeling very, very old sometimes....
published il grande favorito and poolside
did some testknits for JojiNadiaJustynaHanna and laMaisonRililie 
aaaaaaaand (for sure!) cannot put the needles down (hehehehe!)
currently working with my testing ladies
on the patterns for chalkstone and emerald 
and helping my dear Anke with her new designs

cats and moving boxes.....(he's the one who is missing....)

il grande favorito (get your copy here)

poolside (get your copy here)

2 beautiful testknits for Joji's new eBook hopeful knits

testknit for nadia's super cute cardi love potion

testknit of Justyna's new sweater shifting

testknit for hanna

.....and not to forget my very own nuvem 
i did this in a hurry for my wedding....

two other beauties.... both testknits for laMaisonRililie

testknit for anke 
this one's just perfect, so cozy and warm
a great hug-you-tight-knit for everyday!!!!
now working on her newest design....
mine will be striped!!!!

hope you all have good days

isa m.


  1. I think you need to enter a 'speediest knitter EVER' competition!

  2. Wow! Beautiful work. How fast do you knit?!

  3. PS I hope your kitty returns soon with stories of adventures but glad to be home :)

  4. Wow; you knit so many great things! Can't wait for your Chalkstone pattern is being released. In the meantime I will be knitting poolside:)

    Hope your cat comes home soon!

    Have a nice evening:)

  5. You are simply amazing. If I could only knit as fast as you. Hope your cat returns soon and is well.

  6. Wahou all these new designs and testing are fantastic.Hope you'll get used to your new place and your cat will come back, call him all day and night in the neigbourhood...

  7. Eine wahnsinns show of tolle Pullis!!

    Ich habe meine Katze mit Hilfe eines Hundes wohlbehalten wiedergefunden, der die Spur aufgenommen hatte. Auf den Jagdtrieb eines Jack Russel kann man sich verlassen :-)
    Ich drück die Daumen für deinen Kater!

  8. Aww, poor kitty. Maybe he went back to your house?
    Amazing how much you finished recently. Love Emerald and I'm looking forward to the pattern.

  9. I love them all! Congrats on your new living space--large or small, it's home and that's what matters. As long as there's room for yarn :o).

  10. Unglaublich, wieviel Du inzwischen gestrickt hast. Und alles richtig schöne Stücke!
    LG, Snorka

  11. WOW! such speedy & beautiful knitting!
    Looking especially forward to chalkstone :))

    Also - fantastic news that you found your cat - hooray!).

  12. Love the striping on the blue one. Lovely way to use scraps in an intelligent way. Thanks for the inspiration and for wonderful patterns. I'm working on the driftwood just now.

  13. You are an amazing speedy knitter! Love all your knits and love your designs too! love,sunny