Friday, February 1, 2013

testknit for Hanna

did a testknit for Hanna in late december/ early january.
she published the pattern yesterday, ...means i am allowed
to show pics of this stunning cardi

loved knitting these little twisted cables.
was just the right balance between cables an st st
to keep me interested and not making my head shaggy :)

yarn. alpaca/merino from cone (no label)

think this will go to a dear friend...she loves it so much
...and i am not so an elegant person at all (hahahaha)
that i would wear it that much.

...ha! guess what i've done?

i got the pattern for il grande favorito ready to 
publish!!!! how cool is that? (hahaha)
it took me ONLY a bit more than 1 year to get this done (...hmmm)
....wish there were some people around to goose me to
publish my patterns more shortly after testknittng....

did a quick selftest and knitted exactly as written
(which is not that easy as it sounds for me....sometimes i relax that much while knitting, that i realize inches later, where i am....)
my second favorito is blocking right now
only need to take some good photos :)

the house packing goes slowly now...a bit frustrating...
though we made progress, the most not-so-necessary things
are stored, but now i have to decide what i will definitely
need (yarn, needles, books, clothes....hahaha) to take with me

and that's not that easy at all

hopefully i'll soon be back to report the publishing
of il grande favorito

isa k.