Friday, January 25, 2013

alpenglühen pattern

it's done!!!
my first pattern for purchase went online 

wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to my dearest testknitting
ladies! you all did an outstanding job - without your help
i would be lost :)

you can find the pattern here

was so scared about that and I am still scared....
but all went fine so far, ...

till this morning:

i found a mistake in the pattern,
immediately tried to fix it and updated the pattern
aaaand... had some weird technical problems with my ravelry
once i fixed the problem and sent out the update to all
my customers, i noticed another counting mistake in the pattern - 
how silly is that!
tried to upload another updated version and failed again and again; after several tries i finally got it...phew!!!

i am really sad about that and hope that my customers
aren't too upset about receiving several mails and updates
on only one day (maybe i shouldn't write and publish patterns, seams that i need to improve my skills, or need serious help)

nevertheless i am knitting (hahaha!)
yesterday Joji published her newest cardigan design
that was testknitted in december
so now i am allowed to show you my version of it
(some kind of retro coloured, old school looking cardigan) 

used unlabled yarns out of my stash (you know i need to
pack my house!.. so the goal is to minimize my stash till
april :))
pattern. Ohlala by Joji Locatelli
needles. 4 mm
yarn. unlabled merino/acrylic (80/20) used doubled

.. working through my notes of the refined driftwood pattern
[maybe i shouldn't do so (still feeling bad about my trials
and errors this morning)]
and finished a simple striped sweater
worked from the top down using contiguous method for the sleeves

actually purchased the yarn for some mittens (holiday gifts)
but each time i looked at the skeins i could see a stripy sweater
so here is a little sneak peek,maybe this is the longest post i ever wrote!
think i need to calm down a bit

hope you all have a better day

isa k.

Friday, January 11, 2013

new sweater

tadaaa.... a new fair isle sweater went off my needles!!!
only 2 colours (i need to practice, practice , practice
to be good in this technique)

started with a provisional co to work the yoke first
and bottom up (to check my decrease rounds for yoke shaping)
then unravelled the provisional co to work the rest of the 
sweater topdown - to be able to put it on and see how it fits.
this was a pretty good way i think....

need to check my notes and hopefully i am able to write
a pattern down (not sure)

yarn. Kauni solid col. HH3 and DD1 purchased here

i have ordered some more colours of this yarn....there is 
a cardi in my mind which wants to be knitted :)

otherwise i am occupied with sorting out my little home
it's curious how many things you can store in a house
you don't need at all!
renovation will start in april and we need to move 
(and we don't have a flat to rent yet!!! ), 
there are some serious things to do here in this house...
it's a very, very old house (built in 1789) and no one knows
what to expect.... 
our architect (a good, good friend of us) estimated a renovation time of nearly 1 year!!!! hopefully it will take not that time.
oooh, but it will be worth this effort, i'm sure.
there will be new and bigger windows, new floors, a new  
heating, a new roof, the use of the rooms will change
(our kitchen will move to the other side of the house!)
...and so on

think i will post more renovation related things this year

hope you are all coming with me this year

isa k.