Wednesday, December 26, 2012

happy holidays

now that those busy days before christmas are over
i just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU

for all your precious comments
for your encouragement
for staying by my side (though i couldn't keep the promise
of publishing some eagerly-awaited patterns)
for all the help and good advises
for all the gifts (esp. the yarn!!)
for making my life so much brighter every day

hope to have some spare time next year to keep you all updated,
but i think we will be occupied with the renovation
of our little home.....
we need to move over renovation time (for at least half of the next year!)means,... i have to pack my whole life (this is how it feels) into moving boxes!

hope you all have a wonderful christmas time

may your days be calm and merry

isa k.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

refined driftwood and a sneak peek

a little sign of life....

so busy days over here, that i can hardly save time to
post about those things i spend my time on...(hmmm...)

did a refined version of driftwood lately
fingering weight yarn
fine stripes
more fitted
.....aaaand a little add on to the buttonband
(which i like the best!!)

yarn. kauni effect in col. EB
and kauni solid in col. HH3
needles. 3.5 mm [US 4] and 3.0 mm [US 2 1/2]
pattern. driftwood by (me.. hihihi)

hope to save some time over the holidays to write down
my adjustments, so everyone of you can make one too :)

the next sweater is already blocked, but no modeled pix yet, sorry!
worked the yoke bottom up;
did a provisional co of all yoke sts and worked from that point to top, then unravelled the provisional co and worked the
sweater topdown, to be sure the fit is as good as it should :))
placed the colourwork on the yoke and on the bottoms of the sleeves and the body, like this 
and i loooove it, just cannot take it off (LOL....i can!
cause there are sooo many sweaters to be worn in my closet)

also working on a little test for Jo
(simplicity at its best - a cardi with some colour details)
hope to be allowed to show it soon

stay calm and have bright days

isa k.