Tuesday, October 2, 2012

dragonflies to love

i am sooo in love with this design by Joji!!!
couldn't resist casting on a second one (even a third, but it's on hold, due to some testknits i have to finish)

this time i used cascade 220 (for the first time!) and
i think that i fell in love with this yarn too :D
i did k2/p2 ribbings for hems and neck - just for fun
and i think the design works also well with this more sportive
casted on for a third one in fingering weight yarn.
we'll see how this goes - will be slow going, of course...
i have too many things to finish the next weeks

also i have a lot to do at work - crafty season is dawning;
i have to prepare my kids craft classes and finish samples for
the shop, to show up the materials we sell.
today i did some uber cute felted acorns...i just luuuuv them
i really need to take some pics to show, maybe one likes them
as much as i do?

aaaand...i dyed some yarn,... yummy yarn!
BFL dk weight in a wonderful shaded grey, can hardly say how 
i felt when i took the yarn out of the dyepot... was so excited
about dying this (not cheap!)yarn

but it worked, and i think it worked absolutely fine!!!
there runs a cardi in my mind....but i won't be able to start
a new project now....got toooooo much on my needles:

meridien testknit for Jo (i know i am too late...but i started
4 weeks after the testing group!)
redy in a stunning turquoise! (Anke sent me some wonderful skeins
of mohair!!)
and last bloomsbury testknit for Svetlana (she asked me to test
and what could i say?)

....hopefully all sweaters will be finished next week, meridien only needs a left sleeve, redy also + a half of the right sleeve and bloomsbury needs half of the body and 2 sleeves,... so girl, don't write about knitting - take your needles and knit!!!!

have fun out there
isa k.