Thursday, October 11, 2012

double feature

finished all of my testknits...whew!
and i have to confess that i think i will need to slow down...
this was tooo much going on at the same time!!!
though i had lots of fun making these beautiful sweaters

meridien was unexpectedly easy to knit,
the pattern repeats were easy to remember and the yarn i used
was pure heaven!!!

i shortened the body, know, i'm tiny!!!
12 sts less in DSS section
6 sts less in double garter section
12 sts less in st st section
so my body is about 10 cm [4 in] shorter than the original

had some difficulties with the first 5 sts, which were intended
to be knitted through the backloops....couldn't get the first 2 sts look even, so i ripped back and did them a little different
on rs rows: k1, p1, ktbl, ptbl, p1
on ws rows: k1, ktbl, ptbl, k1, sl1

aaand, i added a different BO to the sleeves
after DSS section (i only did this 6 cm long) i did 2 rounds 
in plain st st, BO all sts, then picked up all sts from ws
and did an i-cord BO

was wearing this beauty to work yesterday and got loads
of compliments!!! think i walked around with a smiling face
all the time...:)

the second was redy 
worked with one thread lama mochair (thank you, sweetie!) and one thread opal uni 

this is a perfect lounging sweater:
it is light, cozy and soooo soft 
i will get tons of wear out of this, for sure!

worked from the top down with contiguous set-in-sleeves
rev st st with a faux side seam

pattern. redy by ankestrick (think she will publish the pattern
over the weekend)

this is a typical ankestrick pattern:
pure, straight forward and absolute stylish, though it's quite classy - needless to say, that i loooove this :)

the other testknits are blocking right now, so i might come back
soon to show a bloomsbury in a stunning colour
and a sutra....

have nice days
isa k.