Sunday, October 28, 2012

sneak peek

worked on a refined version of driftwood lately
...and it turned out so....perfect!!!

it's blocking right now, so i hope i can show some propper
pics the next week.

sending relaxed sunday wishes

isa k.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

new cowl

had the pleasure to testknit a super cute cowl for Suvi 
perfect dimensions for double layering
and a perfect stashbusting project (used leftovers of my
second dragonflies sweater and redy)
elongated st pattern and stripes makes it fun to knit

think i will knit more of these....maybe a perfect gift
for the girls :))

hope you all have funny days

isa k.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

mellow yellow

got some time to share a few pics of my testknit for Svetlana
[aka tweedysheep]

worked from the top down with a cute lace pattern down the back and sleeves. for mine i did a few mods.
shorter sleeves, less rounds of ribbing at the neck and for the bottom, so i made this baby out of 3 (!!!) skeins merino worsted
purchased at wollsüchtig

oh, i know...this colour is not the best for my pale and somehow
reddish skin, but i couldn't resist bying this to brighten up those greyish days of fall

....and i have a new sweater project on my needles...
grey (what else...hehehehe)
garter (pure knitting pleasure)
topdown (no seams!)
oversized (perfect coziness)
with some cute raglan cables (to give variety)

will try to keep you updated  :)

have a nice sunday
isa k.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

double feature

finished all of my testknits...whew!
and i have to confess that i think i will need to slow down...
this was tooo much going on at the same time!!!
though i had lots of fun making these beautiful sweaters

meridien was unexpectedly easy to knit,
the pattern repeats were easy to remember and the yarn i used
was pure heaven!!!

i shortened the body, know, i'm tiny!!!
12 sts less in DSS section
6 sts less in double garter section
12 sts less in st st section
so my body is about 10 cm [4 in] shorter than the original

had some difficulties with the first 5 sts, which were intended
to be knitted through the backloops....couldn't get the first 2 sts look even, so i ripped back and did them a little different
on rs rows: k1, p1, ktbl, ptbl, p1
on ws rows: k1, ktbl, ptbl, k1, sl1

aaand, i added a different BO to the sleeves
after DSS section (i only did this 6 cm long) i did 2 rounds 
in plain st st, BO all sts, then picked up all sts from ws
and did an i-cord BO

was wearing this beauty to work yesterday and got loads
of compliments!!! think i walked around with a smiling face
all the time...:)

the second was redy 
worked with one thread lama mochair (thank you, sweetie!) and one thread opal uni 

this is a perfect lounging sweater:
it is light, cozy and soooo soft 
i will get tons of wear out of this, for sure!

worked from the top down with contiguous set-in-sleeves
rev st st with a faux side seam

pattern. redy by ankestrick (think she will publish the pattern
over the weekend)

this is a typical ankestrick pattern:
pure, straight forward and absolute stylish, though it's quite classy - needless to say, that i loooove this :)

the other testknits are blocking right now, so i might come back
soon to show a bloomsbury in a stunning colour
and a sutra....

have nice days
isa k.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

felted acorns

as promised a little pic of those cute little acorns
i made ...
soooooo lovely, aren't they?

simply needle felted and so many possibilities to use them...

finished my meridien yesterday and there are only a few rounds left of the second sleeve of redy

maybe i will find some muse to finally publish some
of my patterns??? have to work over the weekend, so eventually
next week...

big hugs,
isa k.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

dragonflies to love

i am sooo in love with this design by Joji!!!
couldn't resist casting on a second one (even a third, but it's on hold, due to some testknits i have to finish)

this time i used cascade 220 (for the first time!) and
i think that i fell in love with this yarn too :D
i did k2/p2 ribbings for hems and neck - just for fun
and i think the design works also well with this more sportive
casted on for a third one in fingering weight yarn.
we'll see how this goes - will be slow going, of course...
i have too many things to finish the next weeks

also i have a lot to do at work - crafty season is dawning;
i have to prepare my kids craft classes and finish samples for
the shop, to show up the materials we sell.
today i did some uber cute felted acorns...i just luuuuv them
i really need to take some pics to show, maybe one likes them
as much as i do?

aaaand...i dyed some yarn,... yummy yarn!
BFL dk weight in a wonderful shaded grey, can hardly say how 
i felt when i took the yarn out of the dyepot... was so excited
about dying this (not cheap!)yarn

but it worked, and i think it worked absolutely fine!!!
there runs a cardi in my mind....but i won't be able to start
a new project toooooo much on my needles:

meridien testknit for Jo (i know i am too late...but i started
4 weeks after the testing group!)
redy in a stunning turquoise! (Anke sent me some wonderful skeins
of mohair!!)
and last bloomsbury testknit for Svetlana (she asked me to test
and what could i say?)

....hopefully all sweaters will be finished next week, meridien only needs a left sleeve, redy also + a half of the right sleeve and bloomsbury needs half of the body and 2 sleeves,... so girl, don't write about knitting - take your needles and knit!!!!

have fun out there
isa k.