Sunday, September 16, 2012

with a little twist

when i saw Julies torque i knew that i needed one for me
a cute little hat with a twist

mindless st st (the hat is worked inside out - no purls)
perfect project while reading or watching tv :)
i always have projects in that kind on one of my needles
sometimes i need pure st st, no thinking, just knitting....
i worked with a selfstriping grey sockyarn and did contrast
coloured stripes for the lining of this hat - 
after finishing i liked my lining much more, so i will wear
this inside out

pattern. torsion by Julie Knits
yarns. jawoll magic col. 84.0005 and trekking pro natura col. 1505

...anyone interested in a little testknit?
just need a few more testers for this 
this time there is a deadline - like to have the test finished
till the end of october (think this is plenty of time - it's
a shortsleeved one!)

have a nice sunday

isa k.


  1. Oh, love the hat! And I would love to work on the top! Though I'm still knitting on that grandpa cardigan ... But this top looks lovely! Isn't it part 4 of the Beach series (Rav page sais part 3, but isn't that chalkstone?).

    Thinking of the yarn I'll use for the test knit ...

  2. Not sure if you still need more people, but I'd love to test knit the top...I have the perfect yarn in my stash that I've been trying to find a great pattern for! You're welcome to email me at if you still need more testers!

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  4. I will have pleasure to test this lovely top! If you still need somebody, send me an e-mail please :