Friday, September 14, 2012

lucky me

this morning (no way to call me awake..) i checked my mails
and found 2 (two!!!!) messages, which told me that i received
gifted (!!!!) patterns from my ravelry wishlist
how cool is that!!!!!

still overwhelmed ....Liz, you made my day! THANK YOU so, so much

both of them gorgeous designs i wanted to knit for ages

sure, i would have been able to knit something similar without
having a pattern, but man, what could be more satisfyable
that knitting from a good written pattern?!
and with a nice finished project we can give so much back
to the designers and honour their work
[this is how i feel, when i see all those pretty knits worked
from my patterns]....

i'm way behind of keeping you updated with my current projects...
finished some really nice testknits and a second dragonfly jumper

hope to have some free hours over the weekend to post about.

here's just a little sneak peek of a test i am doing for
my dear Jo.

yarn. silky merino, dyed by Ce [the uncommon thread]
in a wonderful light shade of grey called chrome

hope you all have some of those lucky days :)

isa k.

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  1. Lucky, Lucky!! I'm sure you will work that silky merino to the max. Very exciting.