Sunday, September 16, 2012

with a little twist

when i saw Julies torque i knew that i needed one for me
a cute little hat with a twist

mindless st st (the hat is worked inside out - no purls)
perfect project while reading or watching tv :)
i always have projects in that kind on one of my needles
sometimes i need pure st st, no thinking, just knitting....
i worked with a selfstriping grey sockyarn and did contrast
coloured stripes for the lining of this hat - 
after finishing i liked my lining much more, so i will wear
this inside out

pattern. torsion by Julie Knits
yarns. jawoll magic col. 84.0005 and trekking pro natura col. 1505

...anyone interested in a little testknit?
just need a few more testers for this 
this time there is a deadline - like to have the test finished
till the end of october (think this is plenty of time - it's
a shortsleeved one!)

have a nice sunday

isa k.

Friday, September 14, 2012

lucky me

this morning (no way to call me awake..) i checked my mails
and found 2 (two!!!!) messages, which told me that i received
gifted (!!!!) patterns from my ravelry wishlist
how cool is that!!!!!

still overwhelmed ....Liz, you made my day! THANK YOU so, so much

both of them gorgeous designs i wanted to knit for ages

sure, i would have been able to knit something similar without
having a pattern, but man, what could be more satisfyable
that knitting from a good written pattern?!
and with a nice finished project we can give so much back
to the designers and honour their work
[this is how i feel, when i see all those pretty knits worked
from my patterns]....

i'm way behind of keeping you updated with my current projects...
finished some really nice testknits and a second dragonfly jumper

hope to have some free hours over the weekend to post about.

here's just a little sneak peek of a test i am doing for
my dear Jo.

yarn. silky merino, dyed by Ce [the uncommon thread]
in a wonderful light shade of grey called chrome

hope you all have some of those lucky days :)

isa k.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

provence testknit

always a little behind with posting......
think i knit too much!?

just wanted to show a few FO pics of my latest tesknit 
for Svetlana 
a cute cardi with lace borders

worked with a cashmere/silk/cotton laceweight yarn
think that this was not the best choice, cause it's too drapey...
also it's not totally my style, so this beauty will be given 
to my second owlsister (she will look beautiful in this!!)

pattern. provence by Svetlana Volkova [aka tweedysheep]
no modification, just knitted as written :D

hope to have some time to share my current projects soon....

have good (and calm) days

isa k.