Friday, August 24, 2012


think this will be my favorite sweater for upcoming fall

in late june Joji asked if i would like to test her new sweater 
design, which was first intended to be a kit from Lioness Arts...

so i had the pleasure to receive a yarn especially dyed for me!!! lucky me :)

needles. 4.5 mm [US 7] and 4 mm [US 6]
yarn. Lioness Arts MCN DK colourway tinder

this was such a pleasure to knit that i could hardly finish
it, cause i really didn't want this to end :)
a wonderful pattern, a pattern stitch that keeps you interested
and otherwise is very easy to memorize
just loved every single stitch i made...
and the yarn.... is definitely divine
Dani did such a wonderful job

only did some minor mods:
shortened the body and worked less garter rounds for the bottom
also worked less garter rounds for the neckline
(i thought a wider neck fits me better...and i absolutely love it
the way it is)
other than that i followed the pattern exactly and i think the fit is perfect - just love it

also finished a cute cardi i testknitted for Svetlana
it's blocking right now - maybe i can take a few pix over the weekend

aaaand i did a first step into dyeing
tadaaaa... my first handdyed

so now there is only to think what to do with those beauties...

have good days

isa k.


  1. oh my goodness!!! first of all, i looove dragonflies. and i absolutely have to knit one for myself. i do like your mods. i'm also a fan of a wider neck. and also... ummm you dye yarn too?! you're ah-mazing! can't wait to see more of it! xo

  2. I love how you manage to turn any pattern into some very cool knits. I love your style!

  3. Yeah, you got the handdyed bug too !!! Beware it's so addictive.

  4. I must knit this! You have great style with your knits. And that is beautiful yarn.

  5. It is stunning! I absolutely love the color too.

  6. Love it - well done!

  7. I just wanted to say how much I love your knitting!