Tuesday, June 19, 2012

driftwood pattern

it's done!!!
so happy to share the newest member of my beach
collection with you ;)
all (hihihi, not all, but most;) my lovely testers are through 
and i am ready to publish the pattern for driftwood today

get your copy here

i wanna thank the girls for their help and their outstanding
work with this pattern THANK YOU ALL!!
some testing ladies said that the armhole is quiet long,
so i changed the pattern here and hope that the fit is now
better, though i liked it as it was before...
(but i think that doesn't affect the look that much)

my current work for now is to test this cardi for Judy.
laceweight!!! think i will be occupied with this for a while...

also planning to get the pattern for chalkstone ready to test
in 2 or 3 weeks (the raw version is ready, so i only (haha) have to check the numbers and my stupid english)

...and there is another new sweater blocking right now....

looove how this turned out and i love the colour!!
knitted with fingering weight yarn on 4 mm [US 6] needles
more details to come....

hope you all have good days
isa k.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

friday on my mind

beautiful testknit for Anke [aka fallmasche]
looove my friday again 

was such a relaxing knit.... so relaxing, that my
knitting tension relaxed also (hahaha)
gauge was exact on my swatch...but somehow my knitting got
loose while knitting this beauty

i really don't mind the loose fit, think it looks quiet cool!?
or don't you think so?? maybe i will do this again with
smaller needles (i went up a needle size....shouldn't have 
done that;))
pattern. friday again (there will be an updated version 
available soon)
yarn. SoftLinen (linen/merino/acrylic) from cone
purchased on ebay
needles. 4.0 mm [us 6]

would highly recommend this pattern for contiguous beginners
easy and straight forward knitting and a totally amazing result

so now to my own patterns/projects

some of my stunning testknitters are already done with
driftwood and i hope to get ready to publish the next two weeks

aaaaand, i know some of you can hardly wait for it....(hahaha),
i'm into the pattern of il grande favorito, so i will be in
need for a few testers in one or two weeks


see you,
isa k.