Tuesday, May 22, 2012

lattice lace

the sweater turned out soooo nice
love this lacey thing....
and the best of all

it is worked in rounds,
so no (except for a few shortrows at the neck)
p2tog tbl to work!!!!

before blocking i thought the raglan line
could be a bit longer, but blocking fixed that well

half a sleeve to finish my tourist testknit for Joji
also in grey (what else?!), with a few
absolutely cute yellow stripes on the body!!!
..............aaaaand about to start a test for Milja 
i am not sure what colours i will use

a real hard choice - should i go with neutrals?
i mean, grey or blue, something that fits most of my clothes?
or should i try something bright???

first i will knit the half of this sleeve and
maybe think it over tonight,
let's see what the next day will bring along

happy days

isa k.


  1. This sweater is awesome!
    I really hope there will be a pattern for it...

  2. Beautiful! Love the knits you have in your queue too (Tourist and Milja). I bought yarn last week that I'm going to save for Il Grande Favorito (are you still planning to do a pattern?) Happy knitting!!

    1. I hope to get to it next week when I have a few days off

  3. Maybe something bright to lighten up a little for spring? Nice lace sweater!

  4. I love this sweater !
    I hope a pattern, I should be happy...

  5. I would love a pattern for this one. and what company do you like to get your yarn from?

    1. working on the pattern right now;...

      I used a worsted weight yarn for this sweater
      similar to 220 cascade superwash

      I usually work with gifted yarns or
      yarns I got on sales, cause I unfortunately
      cannot afford all those beautiful yarns out there...

  6. great great great - what else?
    and I am here for the pattern too - and I adore your dealing with yarns ... so easy to spend a fortune on yarns!
    You show, you do NOT have to spend all your money ... its in your hands to make something beautiful, not in your purse ;-))))

  7. LOVE your patterns! So classic and comfy. I would like to testknit this lacey piece for you if you'll have me. Keep up the great job!

    1. will take me another few days to get it ready to test, stay tuned ;)

  8. Hey, i want to test knit too, may i, please, thank you.