Friday, March 23, 2012

on the beach - free pattern

couldn't keep the promise publishing the 
pattern for my new sweater earlier....
the only excuse i have is, that we had birthday season

my two owlsisters, my mother, a coworker and me, myself and i celebrated our birthdays over the last 3 - 4 weeks
so i had a lot to do with presents and parties.....
tuesday we celebrated my (40!....ugh!) birthday with family and 
friends.... loads of goodies and much more presents..(hahaha)
so here is my gift for you

download your copy here

truly hope that there are no major errors in the pattern - 
not all of my kind testers are ready with the testknitting...

but you all know, if there is anything to clear or help,
i will do my very best to answer all your questions.

for now i'm working on another version of this sweater -
dark blue with narrow white stripes, hope to get ready with 
the second sleeve to show it the next week...?!

also the monkey sweater is ready (need to take some pix!!)
it turned out sooooo cute, maybe too cute for a 40 year old....?

tomorrow i will spend the day in cologne, got an invitation
from our lys to accompany them to the trade fair h+h cologne
maybe i can show a few pix on sunday

have nice days
isa k.


  1. i turned 40 at the end of last year - it is AWESOME! I am loving it....hasn't anyone told you it's the new 30?! Enjoy!

  2. Bon anniversaire et un gros merci pour le modèle de pull !

  3. Many happy returns for your birthday and I know you will have a great year ahead. I love the new design--actually I like all your designs, and am looking forward to knitting this one.

  4. Thank you thank you for the pattern! I've been wanting to try the contiguous method. Just finishing up Caramel and then I can think about yarn for this. Happy belated birthday! 40 isn't so bad :o)

  5. Happy belated birthday! For what it's worth, you do not look forty! And of course thank you for the pattern, you are always so generous.

  6. Thank you for this free pattern, I love it!! I am going to knit it as soon I find the right yarn :-) and bon anniversaire!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Isa ! look fabulous so wear your 40yrs proudly it's the new 30 :D Been there a few years back now and I can say it doesn't hurt, just good times ahead .) xo

    Thanks for the pattern, love it as I love everything you seem to do! ..another to add to the long list of faves, lol.

  8. I bet no one has said “Happy Birthday” to you today. So, without further ado (since I’m almost a month late): Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! Embrace and enjoy the 40s!

    I just discovered your blog and cannot wait to read more. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. You sweater is lovely!

  9. Beautiful pattern! I've just begun but had a question about one of the direction. Right after the vneck increase explanation it says to "replace markers on row 1." I dont quite understand what that means. Am I putting back the back neck markers that I removed? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I really love this and want to finish. Thank you!!

    1. This is exactly my question, too!

      I'm staring at the (lovely!) pics and I can't quite make it all add up...

    2. you will move your markers 1 st to the right and 1 st to the left as it is written in the following section

      *work as set to 1 st before marker, slip next st to right needle, remove marker (!), slip the st back to left needle, pm (!), m1L, k3, remove marker (!), k1, m1R, pm (!), rep from* once more, work as set to end

      hope this helps

  10. Love this pattern. I am a little confused when it comes time to work in the round. Pattern says "when armhole measures 17 cm. work body increases etc." I am not sure what to measure for the armholes.

  11. I have been looking for a spring sweater/shirt to knit...I think this is it!!!
    Sorry if I am missing it but I can't seem to find what yarn was used. What fibre do you think is best?

  12. Hi
    I am knitting this now and love it but I’ve made an error that I don’t know how to fix. I am doing a large. Can you tell me which next rows are considered row 3 and 4 in sleeve increase section as I have ended up with too many front and back stitched and not enough sleeve ans I don’t know why?