Friday, March 23, 2012

on the beach - free pattern

couldn't keep the promise publishing the 
pattern for my new sweater earlier....
the only excuse i have is, that we had birthday season

my two owlsisters, my mother, a coworker and me, myself and i celebrated our birthdays over the last 3 - 4 weeks
so i had a lot to do with presents and parties.....
tuesday we celebrated my (40!....ugh!) birthday with family and 
friends.... loads of goodies and much more presents..(hahaha)
so here is my gift for you

download your copy here

truly hope that there are no major errors in the pattern - 
not all of my kind testers are ready with the testknitting...

but you all know, if there is anything to clear or help,
i will do my very best to answer all your questions.

for now i'm working on another version of this sweater -
dark blue with narrow white stripes, hope to get ready with 
the second sleeve to show it the next week...?!

also the monkey sweater is ready (need to take some pix!!)
it turned out sooooo cute, maybe too cute for a 40 year old....?

tomorrow i will spend the day in cologne, got an invitation
from our lys to accompany them to the trade fair h+h cologne
maybe i can show a few pix on sunday

have nice days
isa k.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

fair isle

started a new project after finishing the secret testknit
i did the last two weeks

totally in love with this fair isle thingy!!!
oh, i have to practice a lot more to be good in colour knitting
but i looooove the possibilities...

this will be seriously the coolest monkey sweater in my wardrobe
[it's the only one!] hahahaha.....

only the sleeves to finish - so i think i can wear this
next week!!!

have nice days

isa k.