Wednesday, February 8, 2012

stashbusting - skihase [free pattern]

would you trust me, if i told you that i prepared this post 
in december? i really have to work on my time management

the hat itself is simple and easy to knit
i had a few skeins of merino 70 laying around and i 
truly have to reduce my stash!

you could also use any other bulky yarn that knits up 
to the gauge.
the pompom is made out of lambskin

merino 70 by LANG YARNS
2 skeins in maincolour
1 skein of each contrastcolour 
you will need about 140 meter [153 yards] in total

5 mm [US 8] circulars 40 cm [16"] long and dpns

gauge: 16.5 sts x 23 rows in St st 
size: one size (to fit head circumference 54-61 cm [21-24"])

adjust the size easily by adding/reducing multiples of 2 sts

CO 72 sts and join to knit in rounds
pm at beg of round
rnd 1-10:   *k tbl, p1 around
rnd 11 (inc rnd): *k4, m1 around (90 sts)
rnds 12-20: k all sts
rnds 21-39: work colour chart
rnds 40-44: k all sts
rnd 45 (dec rnd): *k13, k2tog; rep from* around (84 sts)
rnd 46:     k around
rnd 47 (dec rnd): *k12, k2tog; rep from* around (78 sts)
rnd 48:     k around
rnd 49 (dec rnd): *k11, k2tog; rep from* around (72 sts)
rnd 50:     k around
rnd 51 (dec rnd): *k10, k2tog; rep from* around (66 sts)
rnd 52:     k around
rnd 53 (dec rnd): *k9, k2tog; rep from* around (60 sts)
rnd 54:     k around
rnd 55 (dec rnd): *k3, k2tog; rep from* around (48 sts)
rnd 56:     k around
rnd 57 (dec rnd): *k2, k2tog; rep from* around (36 sts)
rnd 58 (dec rnd): *k2tog around (18 sts)
cut yarn, pull through rem sts and weave in ends


CO:     cast on
st(s):  stitch(es)
pm:     place marker
beg:    begin
rnd(s): round(s)
k:      knit
p:      purl
k tbl:  knit through backloop
inc:    increase
dec:    decrease
k2tog:  knit 2 sts together
rep:    repeat
rem:    remaining

did a second one with scraps of the same yarn
the only change i made, was working with 2 sts less (88 sts)
due to the checkered pattern (multiple of 4 sts)

hope you have fun

isa k.



  1. Cute hat! I keep seeing you in that cowl and want to know more about it! Surely you knit it yourself

    1. was one of my first cowls ever.... did this ages ago (5 or 6 years, I think)
      I really love this simple one. Maybe I'll post the how-to the next days

    2. 4 years later and we are still interested in your cowl 😄 Please write it down 😍

  2. is this hat not listed on Ravelry? i'm having a hard time finding it, and I'd like to link to it when i make it!