Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my heart skips a beat

when i saw this new sweater made by anke [aka fallmasche]
my heart skips a beat - such a cute thing!!!!

she invited me to test the pattern - and here is my organic

yarn. merino/acrylic (90/10) mix from unlabled cone
needles. 4 mm circulars and dpns

i couldn't get a matching mohair for edings and ruffles
so i went without - i did my ruffles on smaller needles
as called for, so i increased 4 more stitches
to achieve given width

the pattern is easy to follow 
seamless, topdown construction with contiguous set-in-sleeves
little pleats under the saddle shoulders and this uber cute
ruffleband !!!
ok, not totally seamless (hahaha) 
you have to sew the ruffles to the middle of the front
i think we can call it seamless anyway

all in one i'm absolutely in love with my new sweater and would
loooove to have it in several colours!!!!

by the way - several colours!!!
working on a testknit for.... not new, i know...but...
fair-isle!!!!!! that is new!!!!
i have hard times to manage knitting with more than one colour
and keep my knitting even
it's slow going - a completely new experience
hmmmmm....think i have to practice more ;))

isa k.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

testknitting for veera

had the pleasure to do some testknits for veera

pattern. that time (think she will publish this soon)
yarn(s). wool tweed superfine by ICE YARNS
         held together with sportweight merino
         to get correct gauge

a fun and quick knit, the pattern itself is (as always)
easy and clear written

was thinking of adding 2 more buttonholes if I will do that again
......we'll see

the next one is a doublebreasted cardigan

before dark contains all of my favorites:
garter st, topdown construction, cowl collar.....
really love this little one

worked with 2 strands of wool tweed superfine and got gauge
so this is superlight and cozy ;)

both cardis are purple!!!! no fear! the next project on my
needles is grey - as usual (hahaha)

hope you all have good days

isa k.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gerda Hat

did another in between test for milja 
the pattern will soon be available via rav or on her blog 

pattern. Gerda Hat by milja uimonen
yarn. Maxi Tosca by LANG YARNS (discontinued)
needles. 5.5 mm

was a quick and easy knit, think one could knit this
in one day
the textured pattern turned out really nice in this yarn
only my fluffy hair does not look very nice ..:(

still working on the patterns of grandpa and il grande favorito 

have nice days
isa k.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

stashbusting - skihase [free pattern]

would you trust me, if i told you that i prepared this post 
in december? i really have to work on my time management

the hat itself is simple and easy to knit
i had a few skeins of merino 70 laying around and i 
truly have to reduce my stash!

you could also use any other bulky yarn that knits up 
to the gauge.
the pompom is made out of lambskin

merino 70 by LANG YARNS
2 skeins in maincolour
1 skein of each contrastcolour 
you will need about 140 meter [153 yards] in total

5 mm [US 8] circulars 40 cm [16"] long and dpns

gauge: 16.5 sts x 23 rows in St st 
size: one size (to fit head circumference 54-61 cm [21-24"])

adjust the size easily by adding/reducing multiples of 2 sts

CO 72 sts and join to knit in rounds
pm at beg of round
rnd 1-10:   *k tbl, p1 around
rnd 11 (inc rnd): *k4, m1 around (90 sts)
rnds 12-20: k all sts
rnds 21-39: work colour chart
rnds 40-44: k all sts
rnd 45 (dec rnd): *k13, k2tog; rep from* around (84 sts)
rnd 46:     k around
rnd 47 (dec rnd): *k12, k2tog; rep from* around (78 sts)
rnd 48:     k around
rnd 49 (dec rnd): *k11, k2tog; rep from* around (72 sts)
rnd 50:     k around
rnd 51 (dec rnd): *k10, k2tog; rep from* around (66 sts)
rnd 52:     k around
rnd 53 (dec rnd): *k9, k2tog; rep from* around (60 sts)
rnd 54:     k around
rnd 55 (dec rnd): *k3, k2tog; rep from* around (48 sts)
rnd 56:     k around
rnd 57 (dec rnd): *k2, k2tog; rep from* around (36 sts)
rnd 58 (dec rnd): *k2tog around (18 sts)
cut yarn, pull through rem sts and weave in ends


CO:     cast on
st(s):  stitch(es)
pm:     place marker
beg:    begin
rnd(s): round(s)
k:      knit
p:      purl
k tbl:  knit through backloop
inc:    increase
dec:    decrease
k2tog:  knit 2 sts together
rep:    repeat
rem:    remaining

did a second one with scraps of the same yarn
the only change i made, was working with 2 sts less (88 sts)
due to the checkered pattern (multiple of 4 sts)

hope you have fun

isa k.


Friday, February 3, 2012

charcoal fay

was pretty cold this morning when i took the pics
the only good thing about the weather these days
is that i am able to wear all my woollen sweaters..(hahaha)
my cowls, my mittens,.....and new hats

this is such a cute hat. love everything about it

the pattern for this new design of milja 
will soon be available via rav and on her blog

pattern. Faye Hat by Milja Uimonen
yarn. nimbus by Zitron, col. 413
needles. 5 mm circulars and dpns

i will definitely knit another one - maybe in red???

hope you all have nice days

enjoy your weekend
isa k.