Sunday, January 15, 2012

where's my time going?

2 weeks of this new year are already gone....
i had so many plans for posting.....

i noticed that there are a few of last years projects
that i didn't show.....hmmmm
don't ask me why, sometimes i think there is tooooooo
much going on at the same time - 
so some fall by the wayside

ok, best will be to do this step by step....

first my favorite lounging sweater ever
il grande favorito is worked from topdown, oversized
and soooo cozy

bottom is shaped with a few shortrows

pattern. not published yet, but i work hard these days to
get rid of all those raw patterns laying around

yarn. angora/merino blend 
needles. 7 mm circulars and dpns

at the moment i work on two samples for upcoming
patterns, both worked topdown with contiguous set-in sleeves
developed by SusieM 

one basic sweater for beginners and a cardigan with mock-cabled fronts and a cute, deep shawl collar

so let's see if i could keep the promise to post
more constant......

have nice days

isa k.


  1. Very nice!!! to do anything and everything!!!! :-)

  2. Looks so cosy, please let me know if you write up the pattern!

  3. love it and waiting for the pattern

  4. if you need a tester ... i am in ! !
    it's gorgeous !

  5. Love this sweater!!!
    Please let me know as soon as you make the pattern!!!

  6. yes, i am also interested in testing! email me at ealpert at wesleyan dot edu!

  7. Do you already have the pattern? I´m ansiously waiting for it! please email me at hfgomes at gmail dot com


  8. I'd love the pattern for this sweater. It's perfect. I can see why it's your favourite!

    Just found your blog via Pinterest, you are amazing. Love every single thing here!

  9. hi isa k
    I have added this sweaterto favourites in pinterest too, some time ago
    I wanted to know: do you sell the pattern? how can I get it? I only knit crochet, but I dont find sweaters that fit my style, I think I could learn how to knit to have one like this!
    thanks, vivi from argentina
    ps: my husband came next to the pc to see what I was looking at, and when he saw the pic with the sweater he told me: "it looks like you" :)

  10. Trying to wait patiently for the pattern. Any update?? I can't WAIT to knit this sweater!!

  11. I saw the top image months ago on pinterest and then I have seen it on various tumblrs and wanted to knit it since. I was so happy when I discovered it here! Will there be a pattern soon? Pleeease!!

  12. Hello! Has this pattern been published yet? My e-mail is - would you let me know? Thanks so much for your time and beautiful work!

    Heather Meyer Boothby

  13. i would love to have the pattern. i am a petite extra small and would be interested in being a tester or buying the pattern. love it! thanks for sharing, karen

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