Sunday, January 29, 2012

ready for testknitting

part 1 of the contiguous sweater patterns is ready for
testing now

contiguous stripes
is a simple v-neck sweater worked from top down in one piece
knitted on larger needles to get a loose gauge for a drapey fabric

This garment is worked seamlessly from the top-down using the contiguous sleeve method developed by Susie Myers, SusieM on Ravelry (

materials. 4 mm circular needle (optional - for neck finishing)
           5 mm circular needle and dpns
           light sport weight yarn; approx. 980 (1100, 1250,    
           1400, 1600) meters - those are rough estimates!
           we need to check this while testing

gauge.     18 sts x 26 rows
sizes.     xs (s, m, l, xl)

there is no tight deadline for the testing (this will knit up very quickly), but i hope you could finish that sweetheart till march?

so come on girls - i need your help!
send a PM via ravelry or an email with you emailadress
to isabell(dot)kraemer72(at)web(dot)de

Thank you girls! I think I have found enough testknitters 

have nice days
isa k.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

samples are ready

the samples for both contiguous projects/patterns are ready!

as i said before the cardi is on the big side - 
it was intended to be comfortable, but i'm not sure 
if i have to edit the stcounts?!

the simple contiguous-for-beginners v-neck sweater turned out
great (if i may say so?) knitted on a loose gauge with 
2 nonlabled yarns i had in my stash for a long, long time

so my work for the next days will be to write clean copies
of the patterns and check the numbers, that we hopefully
could start the testing next week?! (or the week after next  :))

have creative days
isa k.

Friday, January 20, 2012

more purple storm

captured a bit of daylight this morning for taking
better pics of my purple storm

so for now i will take my sofa with a nice new in between testknit

had a long day at work and the weather is really 
not fine here!!!! 

happy creating out there

isa k.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


got it ready! it's a bit on the big side after blocking,
but that's ok.

the sample of the simple striped sweater is blocking right now
and i think i will be able to show it next week...
hoping for a bit more daylight

yesterday Joji published one of the patterns i testknitted in
december....  my purple storm is made out of recycled
silk/merino doubled throughout to get given gauge

i really need to take more and even better pics...


isa k.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

where's my time going?

2 weeks of this new year are already gone....
i had so many plans for posting.....

i noticed that there are a few of last years projects
that i didn't show.....hmmmm
don't ask me why, sometimes i think there is tooooooo
much going on at the same time - 
so some fall by the wayside

ok, best will be to do this step by step....

first my favorite lounging sweater ever
il grande favorito is worked from topdown, oversized
and soooo cozy

bottom is shaped with a few shortrows

pattern. not published yet, but i work hard these days to
get rid of all those raw patterns laying around

yarn. angora/merino blend 
needles. 7 mm circulars and dpns

at the moment i work on two samples for upcoming
patterns, both worked topdown with contiguous set-in sleeves
developed by SusieM 

one basic sweater for beginners and a cardigan with mock-cabled fronts and a cute, deep shawl collar

so let's see if i could keep the promise to post
more constant......

have nice days

isa k.