Sunday, November 20, 2011

featherweight shawl

finished this beauty yesterday
....weighs only 100 grams!

inspiration for this was a similar shawl/scarf
i saw in a mag last week

increased every 4th row until i was finished with
the first skein, the fringe is built-in
tripled 5 sts at the beginning of one row(RS)
bound off 10 sts on the following RS row

needles. 7.0 mm
yarn. aura by ice yarns

have a nice week

isa k.


  1. Lovely. Great tip on fringe. Thanks.

  2. I often find shawls hard to wear beaucause they are ofter too tiny or not practicle. Sometimes the problem is you can even see the pattern it took you so long to knit but this one looks perfect: big enough, soft and warm! Congrats!

  3. how beautiful! and it looks so warm, and perfect for the upcoming season! xo

  4. I realy like your blog and look forward to follow you.