Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cabled cardi for paul

did a little baby knitting 

don't know why this is rare for me?!
those little knits are soooo cute and really fast to do
and it's a pretty good option
to test stitches and yarns

working on a cabled tweed cardigan design
this cute baby garment came to my mind

lined with an old shirt from M.
had to shorten the zipper - was not funny
i never did this before, but i had no suitable
zipper on hand 

in the end all the finishing work took me more
patience than knitting ....

but all of this work is so much worth it:

look at this adorable guy

the next sweater for paul is on the go
will be some kind of a fishermens sweater
we will see....

have nice days
isa k.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

among the shades

new sweater on the go
inspired by these foggy fall mornings.

easy construction with a nice ribbing

wear it with an additional cowl
or with a [soon to be ready] slouchy hat

yarn. bamba wool/acrylic
(not the best, but ok for testing)
needles. 4mm circulars and dpns
pattern. hmmm....

hope you all have a nice weekend

sun is shining over here,  

so i will leave you for spending the afternoon outdoors
with a little flower

isa k.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY advent wreath

i know it's a bit early for x-mas crafting
especially when it is such a quick and easy project..

but i couldn't resist posting 
what i did last night.. :)

a super cute knitted advent wreath

all you need is some bulky yarn
matching needles, 
one straw wreath (don't know if this is the right word?!)
tapestry needle,
crepe paper matching the yarns colour
ribbon and some decoration

and here is the how-to:

measure around your straw wreath
to figure out the width of your knitting
you also have to measure, or calculate the circumference
of your wreath

in my case this was about 18 cm in width
and the circumference was 94 cm

make a swatch with your yarn

my yarn knits up to a gauge of 1 st per cm

provisionally co the st amount you need to get the desired width
and begin working in garter st 
you will not need to knit to the total length
cause this will stretch out very much

you may want to check the length from time to time
i didn't do that, so i had to ripp back a few rows

now undo the provisional co and graft
the pieces together

you can see that i grafted knitwise
to have some plain space for my ribbon 

cut your crepe paper in 7cm straps
and wrap around your wreath

now place the knitted piece on your wreath

and do a simple whipstitchseam
to get your wreath wrapped with your knitted piece

and decorate.....

hope a few like this as much as i do

happy crafting

isa k.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

driven [testknit]

my very own driven

a wonderful quick and easy knit
veera gave me the chance to testknit one of her 
latest designs
and i am in love with it

reminds me of a clean and new version of
those alpine-style jackets

yarn. novena col. 768.0005 grey
wool tweed superfine darkgrey

both yarns held together to get perfect gauge

needles. 6mm circulars and dpns

cannot say how much i like those faux seams...

have a nice one
isa k.

Monday, October 10, 2011

my darling

my darling emma,
so romantic, so lovely.....
makes me thinking about loveletters, beds of roses,

was a loooooong (hahaha) pleasure to testknit this
beauty for Joji 

i admire all the other testers for doing this in
larger sizes, a long cardi in fingering weight
is a real challenge

but it's worth it!!!!!

yarn. fortissima alpaka 3.5 skeins for smallest size
needles. 3.5mm circulars and dpns

did some minor mods:
did only 20 patternrepeats 
to shorten the cardi a little bit

didn't change needlesize for gartercuffs
(had no smaller dpns with me..)
skipped the last decrease on the sleeves

hope to be able to show some pics of
my testknit i did for veera tomorrow

happy knitting
isa k.

Monday, October 3, 2011

current projects

caught a bad cold last week..
couldn't think straight a few days

the hoodie is on hold, cause i have to finish my
testknit for Joji; emma is going to be ready today

was a pleasure to knit and to be part of her
testing group, but i'm not sure, if this looks nice on me,
maybe not really my style of clothing...?

also working on this as a test for veera.
1 and a half sleeve to go, think i will be ready
to post a pic at the end of this week

this is another test i did last month, no pic of the finished
bag yet, cause i need to finish the lining

chris designed this wonderful messenger bag
and gave me the opportunity to test his pattern.

mine is going to be a very rustic beauty
with little alpine details

needles. 5mm 

have nice days

isa k.