Tuesday, August 2, 2011

new dress

ooooops,....  i did it again.....
another dress. this time i used an old xxxl shirt

i was not totally happy with the seam at the bustline
so i added a few crochet flowers and motifs 
out of this book and now i'm really happy with it!!

it's comfy and cozy and i think a perfect holiday dress

maybe i will take it with me to egypt 
only 14 days to go....yeah!

have a nice one

isa k.


  1. Looks lovely and I like the crochet details, you very talented. Have fun in Egypt.

  2. Love the dress, how did you make it? I only know basic sewing and you probably need a special machine to stitch t-shirt fabric, but I wanted to ask ...

  3. There are a few special tricks about sewing
    those fabrics.maybe I could find time to explain them.... The pattern is the same I used
    for my other dresses

  4. Sehr schoen, die Haekelblueten sehen toll aus!

  5. einfaches shirt mit effektvollen hinguckern.
    sehr gelungen.
    lg monika