Sunday, July 31, 2011


wanna show you a cute cardi 
i made a few weeks ago

a cozy and versatile circular cardi with
a wonderful shape

yarn. MeriAlp40 purchased on ebay
60% merino 40% alpaca
112 m per 50 g
needles. 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm and 6.0 mm

followed the pattern exactly except for the 
sleeve endings:
bo about 6 cm before final length
picked up sts from wrong side and knitted to end

my back rectangle is a little tight,
so if i do this again i will co a few more sts

have a nice day

isa k.


found time to do some pics of my blithe 
love this little tee!!!!!
think i will do another one with longsleeves

yarn. cotton/elite mix fingering weight
200 m per 50 g
needles. 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm
buttons. jim knopf

hope you all have a wonderful weekend

isa k.

Monday, July 18, 2011

new project

M is on a school trip in austria, so i have some 
spare time to show my new project

crocheted a bustier for my next sewing project
(a new dress),so glad that it worked!!

blithe is ready and blocking now,
hope to be able to do some pics soon
it turned out really cute
think i will knit another with long sleeves

hope to be back soon
isa k.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

where's my time goin ???

just a little sign of life

had to take an additional job to get rid
of those financial problems my ex caused .....
and i had to realize that my time is running out..

not that i'm not knitting,...and sewing,...and crafting
but there's no time to take pics or post about

so for today i have only a few pics of
my new dresses and a sneak peak of my current knitting

have to take a better pic of the front
and show you this super cute velvet winter coat i made

working on a grey blithe 
only the cap sleeves to finish!!

hope you all have happy days

hugs isa k.