Sunday, June 26, 2011

butterfly dress

sorry for being absent so long
have so much work these days...
not that i'm not knitting though(hihihi)

have been working on a few new things
but they don't work like i hoped ): sewing mojo is back!!!
made a few dresses to complete my summercollection
no pics yet, but i hope to be able to show them
this week
for now i like to introduce my butterfly dress to you

this turned out sooooo cute!
a bit long after blocking, but i love it just this way

pattern. butterfly dress by Jennie Atkinson
yarn. kid seta col. 108
needles. 4.5 mm and 5mm circulars
2.5 mm hook for straps

did only one hem edging and changed the straps
did 3 single crocheted straps on both sides
think they don't stretch out this way

the white underdress i made this weekend 
makes the look perfect

pattern.  no. 20 out of this book

all the best wishes for your next week

hugs isa k.


  1. Absolutely PERFECT !'ve made the best version I've seen of this, such a cute pattern and your wear it so well ! :D

    can't wait to see your sewing, the slip you've made looks lovely underneath.

  2. Your dress is breathtakingly beautiful, and it looks SO amazing on you!!!!

  3. look at you!!! that's gorgeous!! love it. xxx

  4. It's beautiful and delicate looking layered over that white dress! Well done!

  5. it's beautiful!! You did an aweomse job, it looks so delicate and romantic.

  6. Gorgeous! It looks great on you!

  7. Wow! The dress is beautiful and it looks amazing on you!

  8. Thank you so, so much!!
    just can't say how much your comments mean to me!!!

  9. My comment mysteriously disappeared. Lovely dress, I think it is wise to knit in round to avoid seaming a delicate mohair fabric.

  10. Looooove it!! It looks so beautiful on you!!! Every time i see your FOs, i have the urge to copy one for myself! I will do your caramel after the summer. My parents are here for a visit so i am super busy and really haven't have a chance to touch the needles yet. a word, love everything you make, the knitted ones and the sewn ones too..u r so talented!! Sunny

  11. absolutely gorgeous - i love the dress underneath that you made for it. works perfectly! i hope you get lots of wear out of it this summer - it's perfect for the sun :)

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