Sunday, June 26, 2011

butterfly dress

sorry for being absent so long
have so much work these days...
not that i'm not knitting though(hihihi)

have been working on a few new things
but they don't work like i hoped ): sewing mojo is back!!!
made a few dresses to complete my summercollection
no pics yet, but i hope to be able to show them
this week
for now i like to introduce my butterfly dress to you

this turned out sooooo cute!
a bit long after blocking, but i love it just this way

pattern. butterfly dress by Jennie Atkinson
yarn. kid seta col. 108
needles. 4.5 mm and 5mm circulars
2.5 mm hook for straps

did only one hem edging and changed the straps
did 3 single crocheted straps on both sides
think they don't stretch out this way

the white underdress i made this weekend 
makes the look perfect

pattern.  no. 20 out of this book

all the best wishes for your next week

hugs isa k.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

free caramel for you

pattern is ready and hopefully without major errors....
get your free copy here and enjoy knitting!!
special thanks to becca,...sometimes it's only a small step
to the right way ;))))

can hardly wait to see your caramellos ;)


did a little sewing today,
found an old tablecloth my mum gave me last year
and had fun to make a cute dress out of it..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


will do a last proof of my numbers
and hope to be able to publish
the pattern this evening or tomorrow

isa k.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

caramel pattern

i'm through it!!!!
now my head is filled with numbers...
hope to get them out ;))))

the pattern is ready, but
i'm totally unsure about my yardage calculating.
maybe there is someone out there who could
proof my numbers????

isa k.

Friday, June 10, 2011


did a little testknit for Joji 
bobbles, bobbles, bobbles......
so cute ;)

yarn. georgia by lang yarns
needles. 4.5 mm

did more bobbles due to my yarnweight
ended up with 52 sts more for body of scarf

quick and cute project inbetween
pattern is easy to follow
like all of her designs
(have to show you my pole cardi, another great design
by Joji, the next days ;))

have a nice weekend

isa k.

Monday, June 6, 2011


no time for posting these days,
but i have to tell you that my super-duper
son M. made his graduation with high marks!!!!!
so he can go to academic high school after summer break

a big hooray for M
the one and only <3 <3 <3


working on the patterns of caramel and reggie 
hope to be ready next week

hope you all have happy days

isa k.