Monday, May 16, 2011

blanket cardi

this sweet striped cardi is making progress
i'm really pleased with the outcome
thinking about a ribbed band along the frontopening

not decided yet....

out of the blue leftovers i continued
my experiments in contiguous set-in-sleeve construction
developed by SusieM

2 shoulder sts
increased by leftleaning and rightleaning increases
(M1L, M1R) on rs and ws
6 sts for sleevecaps
inc sleevests on rs and ws until sleeve
measures 3 cm
continued inc on every rs row

inc for backneck shaping on both sides
of the backneck 3 times on every rs row
[first inc 4 sts after shouldersts, next inc 3 sts
after, next inc 7 sts before shouldersts, next inc
4 sts before shouldersts]

this will be a simple stst tee with a striped bottom
hope i can show more pics soon

have a nice week
isa k.

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