Tuesday, April 5, 2011

back again

had some busy days...
and my little camera died :(
first of all i have to tell that my second owlsister
daniela will give birth to a new family member on friday
unfortunately the little one didn't turn its head downwards
so he/she will be born by caesarean
working on a pattern of paulie 
seams to be a slow starter, my notes are [as always]
not very helpfull. hope that i could finish this the next week
and search for some kind testers

they catch every sunray they can get - everytime and everywhere

and me? i start every knitting project i can - everytime and everywhere

rotation is a sweater worked topdown in the round
with twisted ribs
i changed it into a cardi

my gauge was totally off, so i had to
recalculate all the numbers

needles. 4mm circulars
yarn. soft merino by ICE YARNS

think i can finish it the next days
more notes to follow


 proudly presenting the second testknit i do for anke
she invited me to test her new design april in berlin

started yesterday and i think this will be a beauty

yarn. cotton/acrylic 
needles. 2.5mm and 3.5mm


also working on a tunic for the little one
matching the kitty hat

and.....i finished a second alabama skirt


isa k.


  1. Me, me, me!!! I would love to testknit for you if you are still looking for knitters! I would love a Paulie for myself! Let me know if you are interested then I can already start diving the stash!! (mail : rrej37 at hotmail dot com)

    Love your other knits ... need to check them out!

  2. Oh, i would queue up for testknitting too!

    The little cat hat is so lovely, and congrats to the new little one!

  3. Me also stands in queue for the test knitting:)
    I am craftzone in Ravelry.

  4. I would love to test knit too. Currently working on a baby blanket that has a deadline and have been suffering from serious spring allergy..if the deadline is tight, i might not be able to meet. If deadline is not too critical, i will sure love to do it at my best speed..love,Sunny