Saturday, March 5, 2011

walnuss update

could be that i will run out of yarn.....eeeeeehh!!
i had 2 and a little rest skeins alpaca superlight and 
1 skein mohair luxe
and was stupid enough to think that this would be enough
for my walnuss without pleats....
one and 1/4 sleeve to go and i only have 5g left of my pink
alpaca superlight.....

i think now it's time to confess that i did my 
high-school diploma in mathematics(advanced level!)....hmmm
.....this long time ago i was the only one at my school,
who did it in combination with arts,
sounds weird, i know.

back to this sweet cardi.
the fit is good, i did the armholes only 17 cm long
and that's pretty good for me [as some of you said before, i
am tiny ;)] 2 sts less increased for the sleeves and 2 sts
less co at underarmsection
my cardi measures 36.5 cm from sleeve separation cause i did 
it without the pleats this time

now i have to dive into my stash and search for some leftovers

i also have to think about a name for it....

have a nice weekend
isa k.

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