Monday, February 28, 2011

....testing walnuss

the testing group is on the go.
we are testing Anke's mandelinspired cardi

yarns. worked doubled with one strand
alpaca superlight col 7490065 and one strand
3 ply wool/acrylic blend (lightweight)
mohair luxe col 6980146 for contrasting stripes
worked together with the 3 ply wool


co for smallest size on 3 mm needles
- the saddles are pretty firm due to this needle size
- saddle pleats look like they should!! ;))
body is worked on 4mm needles
2 sts less for the sleeves
only did the armholes 17 cm long
only 4 underarmsts, to get a more fitted sleeve
buttonholes every 5 cm - i want more buttons!

this time i will do this without the sidepleats

birthday season is open

today it's my little sisters day
13 days to go for my mothers b-day
3 days later my second owlsister will celebrate her b-day
and another 4 days later............
my day ;))

isa k.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


yarn. jawoll magic by LANG YARNS
used doubled 
needles. 4 mm for garter band, 5 mm for stst part

here's what i did.

co 90 sts on 4 mm circulars and join to knit in rounds
knit in garter st until piece is 15 cm long
[you can wear the hat with a folded brim if you like]
change to larger needle and stst
inc 10 sts evenly spaced in first stst round = 100 sts
work in plain stst until hat is 25 cm long
beg decreasing.
dec rnd. dec 10 sts evenly spaced = 90 sts
work 3 rnds stst
work next dec rnd = 80 sts
work 3 rnds stst
work next dec rnd = 70 sts
work 3 rnds stst
work next dec rnd = 60 sts
change to dpns when necessary
now dec rnd is worked every other rnd until you have 10 sts
on your needles, cut yarn and pull through rem sts

have fun

isa k.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tee Rex

my second mandel

this tee is quite royal, hence the name tee rex
i'm so pleased with the outcome, the fit is perfect now
the yarn was the right choice and the stripes are so sweet;))

here's a short summary of what i did:
yarn: fortissima alpaka by Schoeller & Stahl
needles: 3mm for saddles and ribbing
4mm for body and sleeves

gauge: 24 sts = 4 in
one row stripes using instructions 
from the treeline cardigan [purlbee]
used XS numbers for co and joining the saddles
4 more incs for the sleeves
v-neck incs every 4th row then, while increasing bodysts
to shape the sleeves, in every 2nd row
2 more bodyincs [before sleeve separating] due to my different gauge my pleats have more rows
ended with ktbl, p1 for about 1 in
shortsleeves ended with 3 rounds of twisted ribs
picked up sts around the neckline from the right side
with 3 mm needles; 1 st per row
ktbl, p1 for 5 rounds

now waiting for the walnuss pattern to be ready to test...


have a nice weekend
isa k.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

second mandel

so far it looks good, the deep v-neck turned out well
and it's much drapier, so i think the pleats will
block nice!! 

Anke invited the whole mandel test group to test
her mandelinspired cardi walnuss, isn't that great!!!
dreaming of a buttoned version, maybe in a bright
solid colour?


yesterday i thought about a project i really wanted to
do for a long, long time
got the alabama stitch book last year, i think it was my
birthday, but i'm not sure.........
i adore the skirt so much,
so today, after sewing the carnival costume for bennet
with alenka, i took the book and made up my mind about the colours - white and grey
immediately went to buy some xxl tees and started



much more work than i thought, but it will be worth it
i know!!!
first paneel is done, 3 to go....

isa k.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


only 6 days ago the ladies [friends, neighbours..]
and me were taking our coffee outdoors....
the sky is dark and grey and the raindrops got cold and white..
some times the lack of sunlight gets me down


have some cool red yarn on hand...maybe i should start
a new project..? 

today i have to help alenka sewing a carnival costume
for one of her sons, can't say that i like sewing 
fake fur fabrics... we'll see how it works

isa k.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend crafting

this is my 3rd!!!!! crochet project this year,
such a strange thing.....


the circles are the simplest ever:
ch 3, dc 11 times in first ch, join with a sl st
that's it
I crocheted 31 of these and joined them

unfortunately i was not able to get all those
loose ends crocheted in, so i had to weave in...

the triangle shape of the fabric is rounded

to add little colour to the fabric i crocheted
a few more circles, some of them with a second crochet row around

something is missing.....
will work on this to make it pefect...
have a nice week
isa k.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

knitting for charity

made a few kids hats


yarn: West by LANG YARNS
needles: 5 mm and 6 mm
for all hats co 54 sts 


little second mandel update

yarn: fortissima alpaka by Schoeller & Stahl
needles: 3 mm, 4 mm
gauge: 24 sts = 4 in

used the numbers of the smallest size for co and
set up after joining the saddles

for better pleat definition on the saddles i tightened
the saddle edge while weaving in the yarnends 

this time my v-neck will be deeper,
incs in every 4th row, then in every other row
one row stripes using this technique

pics to follow

have a nice weekend
isa k.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


this sweater could have been worn by wonderful
audrey hepburn..:)
looks so clean and chic, I'm really pleased how it ended up
made 3/4 sleeves with little cute keyholes

 named it after the character hepburn plays in one of my fav hepburn movies charade

the sweater is blocking now, so i think i can show it
the next days


started the second mandel
yarn: alpaca, wool, acrylic
needles: 3mm for the saddles, 4mm for the body
one row stripes, so i had to omit the shortrows of the saddles and shape them at the end

we'll see how it goes

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's making progress

this sweater will end up being another plain and simple one
....just like the most of my sweaters....

only the sleeves to go;
think i will add such keyholes to the bottom of the sleeves too

...this cat has such a good life ;)))
must be cat's heaven to life in a yarny home

today M. has to put in his application for academic high school
hope he'll be accepted....
with a bit of luck the next 3 years of his education
will be cleared!!!!

isa k.

sweater in progress

had to rip back all of yesterdays work...:(
the pockets didn't look like i wanted them to...
so here is what it looked yesterday night

 and here we can see the same sweater this morning

restarted without the pockets, 15 cm to go

think i will add shortrows to shape the bottom.
the length of the sleeves is not decided yet,
but i tend to longsleeves, .......we'll see

took new pics of my mandel testknit
think i will go with the other testknitters and start a second.

for this time i'll change a few things:
lighter yarn
smaller saddles
less bodyincs
more rows for the pleats

isa k.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy valentines day

found this cute heart made by ElizabethCat here on ravelry
she's bloggin' about her projects here

have a nice day
hugs isa k.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

my home

let me introduce you to my deer friend, who's hanging around
on my wall......he is decorated from time to time,
at the moment he has a few days off...
thinking about little birds and flowers for his antlers.

in the background you can see our stylish kitchen lamp...hehehe
not the only one of light bulbs without a "home" in our house

a new project on my needles...
cotton yarn in a pale gray/beige
4 mm needles
simple raglan construction

started with 4 garter rows
added a few [ 6 i think ] shortrows to the back
then worked back and forth shaping raglan in every 2nd row
until piece was about 6 cm long, to get this cute, little keyhole
on the left shoulder. joined to work in rounds,
raglan incs now in every 4th rnd on front and back, in every 2nd
rnd for the sleeves
this will be my tv knitting for the next days,
plain st st - pure relaxing

G. is ready with cooking, 
see you
isa k.

Friday, February 11, 2011

friday styling

armwarmers made in december
pattern found here 
needles : 4mm
yarn: novena LANG YARNS one skein of each color

please enjoy your weekend
hugs  isa k.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

stripy cowl

the cowl turned out so cute,..... had a few issues with the kitchener grafting, but i got it done..hooray!!!!
here i'm also wearing my favorite hat (this winters fav :))
a simple st st striped huge hat with a pom made out of an old lambskin jacket. this one is cozy and warm and goes with most
of my clothes

stripy cowl
  yarn: colora 150g
needles: 5mm circulars
used crocheted provisional co method
co 120 sts knit in plain st st in the round
until the tube is 70 cm long
[added a few stripes as i went along]
grafted with kitchener st

tweedy bliss

my favorite is the bright yellow

isa k.