Friday, January 28, 2011


first I have to admit that I am no crocheter...well, I know the stitches and I know how to crochet
but I feel out of sorts when doing it.
I crochet with my right hand and maybe that's the key,
while being a lefty..
it's more a fight than a pleasure for me to do this
but anyway sometimes I like it,
I stumbled across this tutorial and immediately had to start to crochet

after the third attempt with the pattern it worked

sure, it was, like everyday, a fight against the fury in the cat
the idea was to create a little pouch
I started with 27 ch and followed the stitchpattern
for 7 rows
then seamed together the rectangles, leaving the top of them open

ready to be lined with some cotton I had on hand
a cute little zippered pouch :)

ready to leave


look at this wild, wild fur bearing animal

seconds later Mr. Rossi hooked his claws into my leg.....


  1. Very Cute! I give you credited for even attempting crochet! I can't make myself do it!

  2. The pouch turned out really cute...your cats are so sweet :)