Monday, September 15, 2014

SEASMOKE...and a giveaway

...some of you might remember this

we did the test for this amazingly cute open-front cardigan within the hottest days of summer and today i finally have some exciting news for you:

Seasmoke will be released tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is released ;)
pattern page: audrey-cardigan

to celebrate the release of the first design i did for and with swans island yarns the company is generously offering a sweater quantity of their yarn for a seasmoke-release-giveaway

everyone who buys the pattern will be entered and the winner will be picked after 7 days

so be prepared for tomorrow ladies ;)


isa m.


  1. Ich stehe bereit. ^^

  2. da ist dir wieder einmal ein schönes stück gelungen, das mich sehr interressiert!
    lieber gruss, sabine

  3. Oh I have the perfect yarn for this!! Crossing my fingers :)

  4. Super sweterek,takiego właśnie szukałam,taki chcę zrobić!

  5. Gorgeous! I love all of your designs and this one is no exception.

  6. Love the design. Hopefully I am lucky

  7. Very Nice sweater. Where can I buy te patern

    1. I added the link to the pattern page of ravelry

  8. I just love the Audrey cardigan! This is my first sweater and am having a difficult time. I was doing well until the set up row for row 1. I had cast on 127 stitches for my size but ran of stitches before the pattern ended. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. This is before one gets to the Row 2 where the increases start. It seems as if it's being knitted but not growing...any suggestions? I am not a new knitter, about intermediate but I have never attempted a sweater...HELP..I just love this pattern and it is the only one I found that I really want to make thus far...

  9. I just checked back the pattern and it should work if you do it like written
    do you have access to ravelry? maybe you'd like to post your question in my group?

  10. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Me encanta el detalle de la maga. Felicidades