Friday, February 28, 2014

....more stripes

don't know how to explain my love affair with stripes
i think i am addicted!!!!

last december Cathrin from WalkCollection offered me to use
her yarns for a new design - i sent her some sketches and we
decided to go with a casual, striped ( extraordinary ;)
henley that matches her wonderful BFL dk 

then the hardest part of the work took part - deciding on colors!!!!

i had several combinations in mind, like:

  • hey grey - pebbles - chartreuse
  • sand - straw - pink candy
  • secret - powder - masala

but finally we went with

  • cement - tobacco - moana

and i absolutely loooove how this turned out.

the yarn itself is a pure pleasure to work with. soft and sturdy
with excellent stitch definition...and though i had so much other
things to do, this sweater went off my needles in no time...

my lovely testknitting ladies are currently testing this beauty
 - you can see some very, very promising sneak peeks in the 
testing thread of the group

while writing this post a thought crossed my mind.....
there are a few (maybe a little more..) testknits i didn't show
hmmmmm....i really need to get a better organization...

we'll see, maybe i can show these the next days  ;)

isa m.


  1. That's a perfect jumper! Isn't BFL wool amazing? I had some from Garthenor, softest pure wool I've ever felt.

  2. I would live in this jumper!! Lovely work.

  3. Der Pulli ist einfach genial! Und: Streifen gehen ja wohl immer! Ich mag auch total gerne Ringelpullis und Ringelsocken. :O)
    LG Diana

  4. That sweater looks right up my alley, I'll be keeping an eye out for the pattern! Nice work, as ever.

  5. Oh I share your love with stripes. This is so beautiful! And btw I have been dreaming about testknitting something to you. So here I am, when ever you need me ;)

  6. Oh my goodness, I just found your patterns, and I LOVE them!!! I like your blog a lot too. Just a question, is there any way that your new posts can be sent to an email address? I don't have a yahoo account, and I know several blogs that have an email subscription link. Just want to be able to see any new designs you have coming out!

  7. You and rililie have made me fall in love with stripes, too. However, regular and especially wide stripes look best on slim women. I wonder if you could give some thought to placement or varying width of stripes for women who don't want to highlight the horizontal? Ravello is great for that, for example, the way the colour change cuts across the bust and a lighter colour on top visually broadens shoulders. (I'm having a great time playing with colour combinations for it.)