Sunday, November 3, 2013

a new hat!!!!

had again the pleasure to testknit for Rililie 
we had so much fun while testing this little hat... ;)
in case you're in need of some fun today, check out our
conversation in the testing thread 
the key word is: swatch (hahaha!)

was the first time with this yarn (masgot fine) 
and what can i say.... immediately ordered some more for
a fair isle sweater i have in mind for a while....
i love the feel of this rustic, low processed, sheepy yarn
and i love Sylvies dyework (she will dye up some yarn for me
today...YAY!!! exciting!)

now to the pattern
a well thought and clearly written pattern, that leads you
through the pathlessness of basket weave worked in rounds

though i need to confess, that i am no basket weave knitter
(i know this by now!!!)...not that i do not love the look and
the behavior of this stitch...i need stitch patterns with
at least 1 or 2 rows of mindless knitting in the repeat...
i am a lazy knitter, you know  ;)

G. is hiking with the guys today, so i will have the day off ;)
....the plan is to work on my new cardigan
contrast coloured trim
classic (but cool...i think)

have a great day out there

isa m.

1 comment:

  1. This hat is amazing , I really like it!
    I also like sweaters from your previous post- Laelia by Hanna is cool!
    Have a nice day !