Friday, June 28, 2013

once upon a time

it's been a long, long time ago....

18 years to be exact

...a little human being went into my life and has captured my heart from the very first day

today we're celebrating the 18th (yes! the 18th!!!!) birthday
of my little boy

I wish I had some photos here in the current flat
(yes, those photos are "real" photos - we hadn't a digital 
camera 18 years ago!) to show you all this uber cute little boy

I will search for the photo boxes over the weekend and try to upload some of the pics we made in 1995....
but now let me shout out a big 


my love,
you are the best thing that happend to my life - 
wishing you all the love and luck of the world!

stay the way you are - you are awesome!!!

your ma

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