Monday, March 18, 2013

chalkstone sweater

some of you know, we had already a testing round for this 
sweater .....last year....
due to some unclear parts of the pattern i set it aside
and did not look back (shame on me!!!)

with some time inbetween and a few kicks (Thank you Liz!)
i rewrote the tricky part of the pattern and made a chart
for the upper part of the sweater

as my usual testing group tested it aldready, i do not want
to bother them with another test round of the same sweater
so i'd like to ask here for a little help

i need at least 1 tester for each size

xs (38 in finished bust)
s (41 in finished bust)
m (44 in finished bust)
l (47 in finished bust)
xl (50 in finished bust)

the sweater is designed to be worn with approx. 4 in of
positive ease

yarn. light worsted weight 20 sts x 25 rows in Stockinette
on 4.5 mm [US 7] needles

if your interested in testing the sweater and way more important
if you think you can make this rather quickly (i thought
of 4 to 5 weeks?) please pm me on rav with the size you'd 
like to knit or email me

thank you so much for your interest in testing this sweater!

think i have enough testers and hopefully they will
go through the pattern without the ususal mess i produce
when it comes to write a pattern.... ;)

THANK YOU in advance

isa m.


  1. Isabell, I know I already did test knit the sweater, but as I love the pattern and have a second one on my whish list I am willing to knit the pattern again! :D But if you get other test knitters that's fine with me, I'll knit myself another Chalkstone anyway *grin*

  2. Isabell, I know I already did test knit the sweater size xs or s
    I test the poolside but I prefer this one is this possible to change?
    Virginiebeaumont (ravelry)

  3. Hi Isabell,

    I would be very happy to test Chalkstone (size xs) if you need somebody and if it's not too late.

    Very nice sweater...


  4. if you need another xl tester, i'm your girl!! where can i find your patterns? there are several i would love!!!!

  5. ow if you need a second oppinion from a belgiumfan, i want to test te large one!

  6. Can not wait to knit it already! Been waiting for it for a veeery long time:)

  7. really digging your designs. keep them coming!

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  9. Hallo Isabell,

    ich bin sooooooooooooo begeistert von deinen Modellen. Ich habe sehr große Lust diese nachzustricken. Aber: ich bin der engl. Sprache nicht mächtig und hätte gerne von dir die Deutsch-Übersetzung. Gegen Bezahlen habe ich selbstverständlich nichts.

    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, von dir zu hören bzw zu lesen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Manuela Otto

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