Friday, January 11, 2013

new sweater

tadaaa.... a new fair isle sweater went off my needles!!!
only 2 colours (i need to practice, practice , practice
to be good in this technique)

started with a provisional co to work the yoke first
and bottom up (to check my decrease rounds for yoke shaping)
then unravelled the provisional co to work the rest of the 
sweater topdown - to be able to put it on and see how it fits.
this was a pretty good way i think....

need to check my notes and hopefully i am able to write
a pattern down (not sure)

yarn. Kauni solid col. HH3 and DD1 purchased here

i have ordered some more colours of this yarn....there is 
a cardi in my mind which wants to be knitted :)

otherwise i am occupied with sorting out my little home
it's curious how many things you can store in a house
you don't need at all!
renovation will start in april and we need to move 
(and we don't have a flat to rent yet!!! ), 
there are some serious things to do here in this house...
it's a very, very old house (built in 1789) and no one knows
what to expect.... 
our architect (a good, good friend of us) estimated a renovation time of nearly 1 year!!!! hopefully it will take not that time.
oooh, but it will be worth this effort, i'm sure.
there will be new and bigger windows, new floors, a new  
heating, a new roof, the use of the rooms will change
(our kitchen will move to the other side of the house!)
...and so on

think i will post more renovation related things this year

hope you are all coming with me this year

isa k.


  1. So schön! Wieder einmal ...

    Herzliche Grüsse
    Anupa Gabriele

  2. i am very excited for you! can't wait to see what is happening.

  3. Good luck, sounds fantastic. And your sweater, LOVE! I am hoping you'll share the pattern, I would love to make this!

  4. I really want to do some color work this year and your sweater looks like the perfect first project. Please write up your notes!!!

  5. Your sweater is so beautiful! I hope you will find some spare time to write the pattern down. I would love to knit it! I already had a look for the yarn ;-)

    Good luck with the renovation and all the best in New Year!

  6. VERY nice sweater (in fact, all you do is VERY nice) and VERY good luck for your house!

  7. I love this sweater so, so, so much. The style, the fit, the colors, everything. I want one!!! :) Good luck on the renovations!

  8. Great sweater, I absolutely love it!!! Good luck with the renovation!

  9. The sweater came out very pretty! I like working the same way with provisional CO.

  10. Der Sweater ist -wie immer- top! (hoffentlich gibt´s mal eine Anleitung dafür?!)
    Und ich freu mich schon auf ein weiteres Jahr mit Dir und Deinem blog...

  11. Beautiful sweater! Good luck with the renovation!

  12. Love this! When you've got time please write the pattern up. I'm also waiting for the pattern of the yellow cable cardi.
    Thanks for your blog, I've done several of your patterns and really like them

  13. Its just lovely - great pattern, great colours! Good luck with the house!

  14. Der Pullover sieht (wie all die vielen anderen von Dir) super aus! Die Aussicht auf eine evtl. veröffentlichung des Musters klingt sehr vielversprechend. Bis dahin habe ich vielleicht auch noch etwas Zeit an meiner Fair-Isle-Technik zu feilen ;-)

    Die Sache mit der Hausrenovierung klingt ebenfalls super spannend. Da hoffe ich auf viele Vorher-Nachher Bilder und frücke schon mal fest die Daumen für ein passendes Zwischenquartier.

    LG Claudia xx

  15. OOhh - Renovierung! Das klingt spannend. Unser Haus ist etwas älter (ca. 16./17. Jahrhundert)Wir haben es vor 23 Jhren gekauft und seitdem gibt es immer was zu tun. Inzwischen hab ich schon graue Haare bekommen:-) Zum Stricken bleibt trotzdem Zeit. Momentan arbeite ich an Paulie. Und übrigens - der Pulli ist sehr sehr schön.
    Grüße von Adelheid

  16. Love love love the sweater. I'll test it anytime you are ready. :-)
    I'd love to follow the renovations of your house. It will be SO worth the wait when it is all done.

  17. I really hope you get time to write the pattern : it's such a gorgeous jumper ! Good luck with the renovations...

  18. nice blog! It´s full of great knitting works.
    thanks for sharing!
    hugs from Portugal,

  19. Your fair isle sweater is just perfect - I SO hope you get the time to write and publish the pattern:-)

  20. this sweater is beautiful! can you post a pattern, please?!

    1. Do you have a pattern to this sweather.