Friday, November 16, 2012


a cardi like this was on my wishlist for ages!!!
classic lines (like those classy alpine jackets)
in a freaking funky colour!!

aaand .... here it is

made this little beauty bottom-up
the sleeves are worked top-down, so there are NO seams!

needles. 4.5 mm [US 7] and 5.0 mm [US 8]
yarn. malabrigo merino worsted col. sunset 
purchased at wollsüchtig 

the pattern is ready for testknitting, so i hope for
a release in mid december (hope dies last....)

there are many other knits on my needles,
fingerless mitts, scarfs and shawls .....(gifts,...all gifts!!) 

like this

pattern. the way from brighton by Joji Locatelli
yarn. merino 120 by LANG YARNS
needles. 4.5 mm [US 7]

and this

pattern. seeta fingerless gloves by Maria Sheherazade
yarn.  malabrigo silky merino col. smoke
purchased at wollsüchtig 
needles. 3.0 mm [US 2 1/2]

and this

pattern. toast by leslie friend
yarn. kauni effect
needles. 3.5 mm [US 4]

co 44 sts and decreased to 40 sts after 2 in
straight st st for another 9 in

....need to take pics of the rest, maybe over the weekend?

hope you all have good days

isa k.


  1. Oh, I would love to testknit that cardigan, it's lovely! Of course I still have the tee and grandpa cardigan. But I'm almost done with the body of the cardigan, need to find the time to sit down and write you a mail with how I would write the pattern, cause it's a lovely pattern!


  2. I love the cardigan and would be interested to testknit.

    Regards, Erika

  3. This cardi and this color are just perfect ! I love it !

  4. hi! i found your blog a little while ago and love watching as you share all of your wonderful knitting! you are so inspiring (i have a hard time even photographing things, let along getting it on my blog, ha!). anyway, i just wanted to poke in, say hi and let you know i am always in anticipation of your next post with your next project!!!
    (little owl)

  5. that cardigan is amazing! well done!

  6. I'd love to do a test knit for this project - I test knit your Il Grande Favorito and have already knit two Driftwoods! Please let me know if you need another test knitter -


  7. Oh, I would looooove to knit this — it's the perfect cardigan — but I'm too slow to be useful as a testknitter. Will have to wait till it's published.

    —Karen T

    (who usually refrains from commenting because of Blogger's insistence on displaying a blog url instead of a name for wordpress users ... so sorry)

  8. Your blog is great!!!

    I would love to testknit your yellow cardigan! I even have Malabrigo Rios Sunset at home waiting for a project like that :)
    Greetings from Estonia!


  9. Let me know if you need a testknitter for the cardigan. It's beautiful! i testknit il grande favorito; you may have my contact info; I'm barbarajane on ravelry.

  10. ähm,ja, also wenn Du wieder Teststrickerinnen brauchst...also da würde ich sehr gerne wieder mitmachen.Tolle Jacke und schön kombiniert.
    Ich warte übrigens darauf, dass Du "Il Grande Favorito" als Ravelry Anleitung herausgibst, damit ich endlich auf meinem Blog richtig dafür werben kann.Ich weiss...die Zeit.Geht mir auch immer so.
    saludos von

  11. Hey!! :) I would love to test knit for you if you're still needing testers xoxo (gundyknitter) so

  12. Beautiful cardi and i LOVE the color. I'll be on the lookout for the pattern when it's ready!

  13. hello, i would love test this cardigan ... i love taht yarn and this is exaclty xhat i need to wear.


  14. That cardigan is a beauty. The color is amazing. If you ever find yourself in need of new test knitters, I'd love the chance to knit up one of your designs. I am in love with all of them!

  15. Am I too late to request getting to test this? PLEASE???? :)

  16. mittens are so good projects to finish balls in stash ! and your cardigan is just perfect and must be on my shoulders very soon after all my gifts ;-)

  17. Hello! I've been admiring your work for some time and have been wondering if I could test for you?
    Thanks for all the beautiful work you show us!

  18. Die Anleitung für diese Jacke kaufe ich, sobald du sie bei Ravelry reinstellt! Sie ist großartig, Alpenstil stadtfähig und perfekt für meine Sol Alpaca "Baby Silk" Wolle. Viele Grüße, Petra

  19. Love, Love the yellow cardi. When can we expect a pattern to test or see published. Anxiously waiting!!