Tuesday, May 29, 2012

shawl testknit

finished my testknit over the weekend and got some
pix for you

added a few feather and fan rows to the bottom edge
and used a picot BO - this turned out so cute!
i really love this!
the pattern itself is easy and clear and was a pleasure
to knit. i think Milja will publish the pattern soon,
so you all could knit one of your own ;))

aaand a few FO's of april, i didn't show:

another alga
used the same yarn as for my first 
no changes to the pattern, only the colour change at the bottom
just for fun

another walnuss 
worked with 1 thread linen/cotton and 1 thread linen
got perfect gauge on 4.0 mm needles

and my very own agnes 
yarn. tierra by LANG YARNS (unfortunately discontinued)
      and handpainted merino
needles. 8.0 mm and 5.0 mm

oooh, my laundry room is calling!!!!!
seams that i have to do some housework.....

have fun,
isa k.


  1. Milja's shawl is just gorgeous!

  2. you have been very busy. love the border on the shawl! love alga! the color block at the bottom...brilliant!

  3. Agnes is calling me!!!!! I must start at once after seeing
    this beauty! xoxo Tangledturtle

  4. Alle drei sind super schön! Aber das Tuch hat es mir besonders angetan. Welche Wolle hast du verwendet?
    Schönes WE und liebe Grüße