Saturday, May 26, 2012

garter and stripes

will finish this cute shawl testknit this weekend (hopefully!)

did the striped version (of course!) and i'm really happy with
my colour choice (though it's neutral and not that brave at all)
maybe i will find the time to do another one in bright colours
......thinking of lime and pink?!

my other testknit for Joji is ready, but all those pics
i took this morning were too bad to add them to my project page..
so i hope for some helping hands over the next days to do
some better shots!!!

next week i will have a few days off (the cafe where i have my
additional job, closes for a week) so i hope to get some 
pattern writing done and of course some posting here (hahaha)

hope you all have funny days,

isa k.


  1. I, too, am working on a yellow and grey striped shawl! The pattern is Dreamstripes.

  2. It's so difficult to resist to grey and yellow together ;) ... This new sweater is again absolutely gorgeous ! happy sunny hollidays

  3. oh my! I 'm in love with this grey and mustard pullover! The pattern is available?