Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my heart skips a beat

when i saw this new sweater made by anke [aka fallmasche]
my heart skips a beat - such a cute thing!!!!

she invited me to test the pattern - and here is my organic

yarn. merino/acrylic (90/10) mix from unlabled cone
needles. 4 mm circulars and dpns

i couldn't get a matching mohair for edings and ruffles
so i went without - i did my ruffles on smaller needles
as called for, so i increased 4 more stitches
to achieve given width

the pattern is easy to follow 
seamless, topdown construction with contiguous set-in-sleeves
little pleats under the saddle shoulders and this uber cute
ruffleband !!!
ok, not totally seamless (hahaha) 
you have to sew the ruffles to the middle of the front
i think we can call it seamless anyway

all in one i'm absolutely in love with my new sweater and would
loooove to have it in several colours!!!!

by the way - several colours!!!
working on a testknit for.... not new, i know...but...
fair-isle!!!!!! that is new!!!!
i have hard times to manage knitting with more than one colour
and keep my knitting even
it's slow going - a completely new experience
hmmmmm....think i have to practice more ;))

isa k.


  1. The sweater looks lovely, as usual! I am enjoying looking at all the pictures on your blog :)

  2. Super cute!.. and can see why you would want it in many colours. Love the grey and it would work equally well in bold colour too.